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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 4 (Feb. 1926)

Golden, H. M.
Athletics,   p. 100

Page 100

'100                                     THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE
By H. M. GOLDEN, '26
W    ITH   two successive conference
   . victories, one over Minnesota and
the other over Indiana, Wisconsin's
Sophomore basket ball five is resting on
top of the conference heap and showing
signs of becoming a real contender for
the Big Ten title. The conference chase
started the day school re-opened, follow-
ing the Christmas recess, the Badgers
walloping Minnesota handily, with a
score of 36 to 24. The play of Louis
Behr at forward and Ralph Merkle at
guard was alone enough to stop the
ancient rivals from the North. Wiscon-
sin showed a smooth moving five that
did not give the impression of a young,
inexperienced, conference quintet.
  However, it was the great victory of
the Cardinals over the University of
Indiana that has made them a real fac-
tor in the long conference race that is to
follow. The Hoosiers invaded Madison
with a victory over Minnesota, con-
fident that they for the first time would
take the measure of a Meanwell-coached
Wisconsin team. The classic of the bask-
ket ball court that resulted cannot be
done real justice by the writer. Torrid
basket ball, that kept a capacity crowd
breathless and gasping, was the result of
those forty minutes of play. Both teams
played at a terrific pace, the lead chang-
ing hands numerous times, with both
teams apparently having thp game
safely' tucked away at different stages of
the play.
   The first half found the Badgers lead-
 ing by a single point. However, gloom
 settled over the large gathering with the
 removal of Merkle from his guard posi-
 tion, with four personal fouls. Merkle
 has been the real floor leader from his
 guard position and it was feared that his
 loss would be a hard blow to the
 youngsters. Tiny Andrews at forward
 was the only reason that Wisconsin held
 the lead at the half, his basket keeping
 the Badgers out in front with the score
 14 to 13.
   Every game must have its hero. An-
 other diminutive player, Eddie Powers,
 replaced the ejected Merkle and im-
 mediately won his way to Badger fan-
 dom. The half had hardly gotten under-
 way, when Powers, Hotchkiss, and Behr
 caged the ball to give Wisconsin a sub-
 stantial lead. Indiana, always feared for
 its sharpshooting ability from the mid-
 dle of the floor, opened a barrage at the
 hoop that soon put it out in front.
   Standing in the middle of the court,
 Krueger dropped the ball through the
 meshes in rapid order for four baskets
 and the Badger lead went glimmering.
From that point and up to the last three
minutes of play, Indiana held the upper
hand, leading by four points. Again it
was Powers who came to the fore and
kept Wisconsin dangerous. From an out
of bound play, he dribbled the length of
the floor andnetted the ball. His effort
cut the Hoosiers' lead to a single basket.
Thenw the Hoosiers fought back and
Sponslor dropped in a long basket.
Powers duplicated the feat for his fourth
counter, and a free throw from Andrews
put the Badgers a point behind. A free
toss by Sponslor gave the Hoosiers their
two point margin again, but the floor
leader of the Badgers, Hotchkiss, netted
his fourth basket to tie up matters 31
all. With less than a minute to play,
Behr took the ball from an out of bounds
play, dribbled in close to the basket,
and with a onehanded shot, sunk the
winning counter of the tussle. It was a
great finish for the young Badger team
and clearly demonstrated that they have
plenty of fight and drive. Never before
has a Sophomore aggregation displayed
such coolness nor showed such splendid
results of the hard work to which they
have been put by Coach Meanwell.
They will be heard from throughout the
Big Ten chase.
  Wisconsin's hockey sextet under the
guidance of coach Kay Iverson started
its 1926 season with a pair of fine wins
over Marquette University. Iverson's
skaters displayed a fine knowledge of the
game and completely overwhelmed their
Milwaukee rivals in the January 8th
tilt, score I I to o.
  The Milwaukeeans stiffened    their
defense in the game on the following
day, and although outplayed in every
department of the game, held the
Badger score down to 3 to 0. Captain
Chet Gross, Whiteside, Morehead, Mc-
Lean, McCarter, Lidicker, and Jansky
have been the vets upon whom Iverson
is placing his greatest hopes.   The
Badgers meet Michigan and Minnesota,
their rivals in the Big Ten, and hope to
find themselves perched well among the
leaders at the end of a long season.
  The game has never before had the
following that it has this year. It is
estimated that fully 6ooo attended the
two games on January 8-9, and that the
crowds will well nigh be doubled when
the Badgers clash with their conference
   One of the outstanding features of the
University of Wisconsin's winter sport
activity is the winning of the National
Collegiate Outdoor Carnival at Lake
Placid. The great work of Hans Troy,
a ski jump of 136 feet for first place, and
the joint work of Knut Dahl and Troy
in the cross country ski- race gave the
Badgers a commanding lead over every-
thing in the East.     Leon Emmert
furthered the Badger cause when he won
first place in the speed skating contests.
The Harding Cup- and the Marshall
Foch trophies come to Wisconsin as a
result of the work of this triumvirate.
Troy and Dahl are newcomers trom
Norway but they have won a coveted
place in winter sports at Wisconsin, and
have won a name for themselves almost
   With the, faculty approval officially
 placed upon it, the football schedule for
 the 1926 season has been announced.
 The most interesting announcement to
 come with the Badger schedule is the
 fact that Chicago has agreed to come to
 Madison for a game at any time that
 Director George Little may ask for it.
 This undoubtedly means that Coach"
 A. A. Stagg's Maroonswil invade Camp
 Randall in 1927, the first time in many
years.   Cornell College. Mt. Vernon,
Iowa, will open the 1926 season in Madi-
son, while Kansas University, a member
of the Missouri Valley conference, will
play the second tussle on the Badger
card. Six conference games then follow
in rapid order, giving Wisconsin her
finest schedule in many years.
Oct. 2-Cornell College at Madison
Oct. 9-Kansas University at Madison
Oct. i6--Purdue at LaFayette
Oct. 23-Indiana at Madison
Oct. 30-Minnesota at Madison
Nov. 6-Michigan at Ann Arbor
Nov. 13-Iowa at Madison
Nov. 20-Chicago at Chicago
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