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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 3 (Jan. 1926)

[Cover] The Wisconsin alumni magazine,   p. [61]

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Volume XXVII                              January, 1926                 
         Number 3
Published by GENERAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, Madison, Wisconsin
A  GROWING      LIST of loyal Life Members of the General Alumni Associa-
tion bespeaks increasing interest in our co-operative work for Wisconsin.
  Among additions to the Life Membership roll since last issue are the following:
Ruth Allen, '09, 536 North Ave., Waukegan;  W. C. Mc Card, '93, 1940 Druid
Hill Ave.,
  Ill.                                  Baltimore, Md.
Dr. C. E. Bach, '20, 563 Wahl Ave., Mil-  Dr. W. E. Meanwell, '15, 1109 W.
  waukee                                St., Madison
Mary. Barker, '98, 308 St. Lawrence Ave.,  Ruth Minturn, '14, Marshalltown,
  Janesville                          Warren Oakey, '17, 407 N. Blair St.,
B. 0. Bishop, '08, Box 234, Racine     Warren Qakeyn O17 , 407 NBli  S. Madison
Jean Bishop, '03,413 Idaho St., Dillon, Mont.  Florence Watson Olesen, '15,
2424 S. Ingle-
C. E. Briere, '06, Box 217, Wisconsin Rapids  side, Walnut Hills, Cincinnati,
Reva Bristol, '15, 27 E. Pearl St., Torrington, S. F. Perchonok, '23, 763-15th
St., Mil-
  Conn.                                 waukee
Leroy Burlingame, '18, 490 Broadway, Mil-  Dr. F. J. Pfeifer, '05, New London
  waukee                              Oscar Rennebohm, '11, 1817 Kendall
Gertrude Cairns, '98, Ellsworth         Madison
N. J. Conrad, '05, 914 Elmwood Ave., Wil-  A. H. Robertson, '09, Dowagiac,
  mette, Ill.                         G. A. Rogers, '01, 720 Lincoln PI.,
E. F. Dahm, '13, 6947 Sheridan Rd., Chicago  Wash.
E. W. DeMoe, '92, Route 1, Northbrook, Ill. -E. Willard Sanders, ex '20,
912-13 Ford
E. Breese Turner DeMoe, '93, Route 1,       Bldg., Detroit, Mich.
  Northbrook, 'll.                    Irene Scanlon, '25, 84 1 May St., Jacksonville,
C. Crawford Edmonds, '15. 1414 Wealthy St.  Fla.
  S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich.          E.E. Schneider,.'24, Box 13, Sparta
Olive Thauer Edmonds, '15, 1414 Wealthy E     n- e    4
  St. S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich.          E. J. B. Schubring, '01, 415 N.
Park St.,
Elsie Ekern, '22, 313 N. Brearly St., Madison  Madison
Dr. Clarence Falstad, '20, 411 Talmadge St., Selma Langenhan Schubring, '07,
415 N.
  Eau Claire                            Park St., Madison
Anna Gebhardt, '20, 323 N. Hamilton St.,  Nina Simmonds, '15, 511 N. Wolfe
  Madison                               more, Md.
Alma Halverson, '18, 516 Dickenson St., New  Win. Stericker, '17, 134 Sylvan
Ave., Rut-
  London                                ledge, Pa.
Ione Halverson, '18, Edmund           R. D. Stiles, '20, % Washburn Crosby
M. H. Hass, '16, 724 Van Nuys Bldg., Los    Minneapolis, Minn.
  Angeles, Calif.                     W. S. Taylor, '13, University of Kentucky,
Hannah Haug, '22, Wahepton. N. D.       Lexington, Ky.
Matilda Horn, '22, Chilton            Howard Teasdale, '82, Sparta
Lillian Taylor Jerrard, '05, 522 Willow St.,  F. C. Thiessen, '10, 1124 W.
Johnson St.,
  Winnetka, Ill.                        Madison
Paul B. Johnson, '07, 147 Cedar St., Wau-  Veda Iarson Turner, '13, 2934
Vista St. S. E.,
  watosa                                Washington, D. C.
Helen Fay Johnson, "07, 147 Cedar St., Wau-  Janet Van Hise, '09, 630
N. Frances St.,
Ida Jones, '05, 1040 West Edgeware Rd., Los  Madison
  Angeles, .Calif.                    Mary Darrow Weible, ex '04, 714-8th
E. E. Kremer, '12, 445 E. Division St., Fond  .So., Fargo, N. D.
  du Lac                              Carl Wernicke, '13, Gull Point, Escanbia
Crystal Stair Lindley, '99, Azusa, Calif.   Co., Fla.
M. W. Link, '21, % L& Fayette Fluorspar   Belle Fligelmann Winestine,
'13, 42 N. Howie
  Co., Mexico, Ky,                      St., Helena, Mont.
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