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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

Honorary degrees and honors,   pp. 333-334

Page 333

            Honorary Degrees and Honors
Six Honorary Degrees Conferred, 17 High Honors and 84 Honors Awarded at the
73rd Annual Commencement
IX honorary degrees were conferred
by the University of Wisconsin at its
73rd annual commencement exercises
in June.    Four of the recipients of
honorary degrees are natives of Wiscon-
sin and three are graduates of the Uni-
versi ty.
   The honorary degree, doctor of laws,
 was conferred  upon  President Max
 Mason, of the University of Chicago,
 a member of the Wisconsin class of
i89q8   The_ honorary-degree, doctor ofL
letters, was conferred upon Hamlin
Garland, the novelist, and Dr. Louise
Phelps Kellogg, of the Wisconsin State
Historical society and a member of
the class of 1,897. The honorary degree,
doctor of science, was conferred upon
Charles Frederick Burgess, Madison,
'9, Prof. Alfred North Whitehead, of
Harvard    university, and upon   Dr.
William Snow Miller.
             Max Mason
   President Mason, who received the
 doctor of laws degree, was a member
 of the Wisconsin faculty for 17 years.
 He has been regarded as much for the
 "humane and lovable qualities of his
 character" as for his "profound mathe-
 matical intellect." To his "capacity to
 get practical results out of scientific
 theories the world owes an added safety
 that surrounded those ships that were
 obliged in time of war to go to sea."
          Hamlin Garland
  Hamlin Garland, who received the
honorary degree of doctor of letters,
MADo MAsON '2:6 ALa1.
   NDoor of Laws
is a son of Wisconsin "who has gained
the admiration of the country as the
preserver of the fact and flavor that
gave identity to the Middle Border.
For 35 years his easy pen has worked
at the life of our people. His writings
are works of art but they are also docu-
ments that may become the source of
        Louise Phelps Kellogg
 - Dr.Ioise Phelps Kellogg, of the
 State Historical society, who received
 the honorary degree, doctor of letters,
 recently published "The French Regime
 in Wisconsin and the Northwest." She
 was born in Wisconsin and trained in
 the Universitý>. She has -devoted her life
 to making Wisconsin's history under-
 stood beyond the borders of the state.
 Twenty-five years ago she received the
 degree of doctor of philosophy and won
 the Justin Winsor Prize of the Wiscon-
 sih Historical society.
         Charles F. Burgess
   Charles Frederick Burgess, who re-
 ceived the doctor of science degree,
 was born in Oshkosh. He received a
 baccalaureate degree from the Univer-
 sity in 1895 and the degree of electrical
 engineer in 1897. He was a member
 of the faculty from 1895 to 1913. "He
 has built up, upon the basis of pure
 science and experimental laboratories,
 a urofitable and necessary industry that
stands upon its merit alone in competi-
tion for public favor." His business is
"a service well-conceived  and  ade-
quately performed."
        Alfred N. Whitehead
  Prof. Alfred'North Whitehead, who
received the honorary degree, doctor
of science, was professor of applied
mathematics in the Imperial Academy
of Science and has been president of
the Mathematical Association of Eng-
land and Fellow of the Royal Society.
He has been a professor at Harvard
University for two years.    He has
studied in the field of mathematical
physics, especially the theory of. re-
lativity, and is regarded as a leader in
contemporary thought. Philosophy for
him "has been one of the sciences.-
          William" S. Miller
   Dr. William Snow Miller, upon whom
 was conferred the degree of doctor of
 science, is professor emeritus of anatomy
 in the University of Wisconsin Medical
 School. He-has been a member of the
 faculty since 1 992. He has made valu-
 able contributions to the- field 4of medi-
cine by his work in connection with
pulmonary tuberculosis. He was gradu-
ated from Yale University in 1879.
   High Honors in General
  High honors for general scholarship
were awarded at the Commencement
exercises of the University to 17 mem-
bers of the graduating class, and honors
were awarded to 84. Women students
captured7 of the high honors and 46 of
the honors.   Honors for graduating
theses were awarded to 17 students, of
whom 8 were women.
  The following students were honored:
  College of Letters and Science
  Marion Axtell, Newton, Kan.; Lois
Bacon, Salt Lake City, Utah; Helen
Busyn, Duluth, Minn.; Ralph Crowley,
Madison; Eleanor Dobson, Wash., D.
C.; Clifford Franseen, Frederic; Aurelia
Grether, Verona; Frederick     Hahn,
Watertown; Lucy Hall, Selma, Ala.;
Frederick Lemke, Watertown; Sarah
Mintz, Chicago; Joseph Pois, New York;
Lillian Scheuber, Milwaukee; Louise
Schmidt, Arcadia; Esther Sternlieb,
Milwaukee; Lillian Twenhofel, Madi-
son: Chao Fu Wu, Honan, China.
   Course in Humanities - Genevieve
Droppers, Milwaukee; Helen Williams,
  Normal Course-Mabel Hendrickson,
  Black River Falls.
      College of Engineering
  Chemical Engineering Course---,'Allan
Colburn, Milwaukee.
LouIs'E PHELps KELLOGG, '26 Hon.
         Doctor of btters
A4ugust,, 1926

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