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Hobbs, M. K. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 27, Number 10 (Aug. 1926)

News and comment,   p. 320

Page 320

0August, 1926
News and Comment
AS ANNOUNCED in the July issue of the Alumni
    Magazine, the class reunion schedule has been
changed. At the general meeting of members of the
Alumni Association held June 19, 1926, it was voted
unanimously to adopt the Dix plan or schedule of re-
unions. This action was taken pursuant to the recom-
mendation of the Alumni Board of Directors. The mat-
ter was brought to the attention of the Board by the
University Committee on Commencement, which had
made a.. similar recommendation in its reports to the
President for two years. The Alumni Board, in turn,
appointed a committee to make a study of the Dix, plan
and a recommendation as to whether such plan bught
to be adopted at Wisconsin. The Committee made a
careful study of reunion schedules in the principal uni-
versities and colleges of the United States and as a
result recommended- the adoption at Wisconsin of the
Dix plan, with the addition of twenty-fifth and fiftieth
anniversary reunions.
  Heretofore each class has held a reunion every fifth
year. As a result the classes which were in school to-
gether- did not have their -reunions together. One's
handshakes at a reunion were limited to his classmates
and such members of classes five or more years preced-
ing or following him as he had chanced to meet else-
where than at Wisconsin.
  It is the purpose of the Dix plan to obviate this by
having, classes which were in school together reune the
same year. For example, in 1927 the classes of 'o8, '09,
'10, 'ii, and 89, '90, 91, 92, are scheduled for reunions;
and the classes of 'o2 and '77 will hold respectively their
twenty-.fifth and fiftieth anniversary reunions. -Under
the new plan each class will reune either every four or
five years and in a cycle of twenty years will reune at
least once with each class with which it was in school.
Twenty-fifth and fiftieth anniversary reunions will be
held as formerly. After its fiftieth year reunion, each
class will reune every year.
  The Dix plan has worked successfully at Harvard$
Michigan, Cornell, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and else-
where. Inquiries made by the committee brought
answers indicating that the success and popularity of
the Dix schedule where it has been adopted are due to
the emphasis on the group idea.
  The classes will determine for themselves whether
they desire to hold their reunion dances, picnics, dinners,
etc., together, or whether they will continue as formerly
to hold such functions by themselves, awaiting the gen-
eral meetings to renew friendships with the members of
other classes. It is not contemplated nor desired that
the class organizations be dropped because of the change
in reunion schedule. The one main idea is that the dates
of reunions are changed to enable persons who were in
school together, but not in the same class, to be back
in Madison at the same time.
It is expected that classes which have made plans for
a reunion in 1927 will carry forward those plans regard-
less of whether or not a reunion of that class is sched-
uled under the new scheme. All reuning classes are
urgently requested to communicate at a very early date
with the General Secretary of the Alumni Association
regarding their plans and programs for the Commence-
ment week. Class officers should keep in touch with
the Secretary throughout the year.
  On the opposite page will be found a schedule of
reunions under the Dix plan for the next ten years.
Please preserve this schedule for future reference.
TJHIS ISSUE, which includes* an index for the year,
   is the tenth and last number of Volume XXVII of
the Magazine. The adoption of the larger sized page
which lends its~elf to a more diversified and more popular
styled make-up has been heartily approved by our read-
ers, if we may judge from the letters received at Alumni
Headquarters throughout the year.
  Next year, beginning with the November issue, we
shall endeavor to make each number a distinctive and
attractive one, one that you will be proud to have,.rep-
resent Wisconsin. It is planned to include a series of
original cover designs done by students in the Art De-
partment here; an editorial column in addition to news
and comment, a, larger number .of contributed articles
with a wider range of appeal, an open forum separate
from class news containing letters from alumni com-
menting on current questions of interest to other alumni,
a sort of "Who's Who" of alumni who have attained
prominence in their special field of endeavor or who are
doing some unusual type of work, and a liberal use of
illustrations. The athletic page will be ably handled
by "Les" Gage, who has been secured as assistant foot-
ball coach and publicity manager by the Athletic De-
partment. The other departments will remain about
the same.
  That's what we'll try to do from this end. But the
Magazine, to be a real success, must reflect something
of the thought of the great body of alumni-the readers.
Some of the new additions promised for next year reflect
such thoughts. We want more. When you take that
vacation jaunt in August or September and you're wait-
ing somewhere for that next train, see if you can't think
of some one thing that you can do to improve the
Magazine. Scribble it down on a picture postal and
shoot it in. We like to be remembered as well as the
rest of your friends. The least you can do is, to let us in
on your engagement or marriage or new job, and most
of all-your new address, if you have one for the fall.
Seniors and school people especially, who are leaving
their homes at the end of summer to accept new posi-
tions in the fall, should have their correct addresses for
the Magazine at this office not later than October 15.
All other items of news for insertion in the November
issue should be in the office not later than October IO.
TJHE Univers'ty of Wisconsin Club of Seattle has
    raised a fund for the entertainment, of distinguished
Wisconsin men who visit Seattle. The club has asked
the cooperation of the Alumni Headquarters in Madi-
son in reporting intended visits of faculty members.
The alumni of Seattle are to be congratulated upon the
plan they have evolved. It will bring to them mes-
sages from Wisconsin with a consequent delightful en-
tertainment to themselves.

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