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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 7 (May 1922)

Gardner, E. H.
Moving picture,   p. 219

Page 219

  We now urge you to help with a few positive acts. In a short time the
pre-Commencerfient mail will reach you. Answer it -the day it comes;
send payment for your dues, money fori your dinner reservations; return
your address cards. Some years the mail that piles up the last few. days
before Commencement takes a half dozen people £to open..' You can help
us distribute this load and save yourselves, from any annoying confusion
by retplyingto the pre-Commencement letter the day it reaches you. We
ask, our members to-do this, -feeling that they will show. Ahe same ready
_r-nni-+rninn in thi%- matter- that they have in all other reasonable je-
qife~stg we have- evef sent~to. them.-
  By the wa y, donot? foget to come baick fo commencement if you can,
because w-6 predict -that it will be a great galafirtsye.
  Indications point to2 the greatest gatheiingof -former students at Madi-
son during the Gornmen cement-seasoni this, veak that this University.
       _,hain Janes ever seen. The Alumni H.eadquaters is already
Reune nJn        working overtime a~nswering .pre-&Commencerreflt mail.
                 All classes' with nutmeralS ending in 2 or in 7 aire making
special reupion plans. - All former students are cordially welcome. The
class reunions -qke' not so exclusive that you will. fail to find plenty
friends in. Madison even on Class Day, and we can officially assure all
that, -whether you aie a 2 or a 7, or. any other yer,, your presence is
heartily desired onAlumniD Day.  Make the Comnmecement season part
6+ your vacation. Thehbeauties of. aison are unsurpassed anywhere
in the fair days of :id-June.. So come home again then when AlmaMater
invites you.-
           -Moving Pictu ,re
  And' now-a real Wisconsin. moving picture!
  Pictures that will take you back to'the campus; pictures of the Varsity
Wel-coe, the bag rush, the Varsity teamsjn a'ction all through the year;-
Tictures of 'the -faculty and the buildings; pictures of notable-- scientific
achievements; pictures of -the lake in winter afid 'spimime, that-'make
you- Ca-e your breath; pi-reures 01 0y1,. LUU,  VU y iu  " tJ  t
last fall-. 'And-at the end, a genuine thriller,, staged by prominient ahluni
that 'will. teill you a:new story about Wisconsin, .-
   Thr+eeels by Pr-of. E. H... .arde, a-nd 'r-. M. E. Diemer, '08, are
 being prepared under' the joint- auspices of the Bureau of, Visual -Instruc-
 tion of the Extension Division, and theBuilding Com mitteepo -the Me-
 o      Union. Every- Wisconsin club from% coast. to oas
 exhibit, it.
   Whe ready, the film can be-had by application. to Prof. W. H.... Dudley,
 chief'of the-Bureau of-Visua'l Instr-uctionr, ExtensionDivision, Roo~m-31-1
U niversityExtension-Btilding, Madison.-  smallfee- wilLbe'charged
-to help defray the expense -of breparationi7-.-F--H. GARDNI~eRl
           - "On Wiscon~sin"ý (U. W. Club of Chicago, -Play)'
    U UORS have been current -for Some time of an ambitious plan of
       the University of' Wisconsin Club of Chicao to pton Ia real pilay.
       We are, now able to announce that, the -plans- are atl comple'ted.
 the play "On -Wisconsin!" will -be given at the Aryan -Grotto
Theatefr on
 the evening of "May -10.'
   '.I6n Wisconsin" isan hstorical play setting -forth- some of the
   esting and important events in the -life of. the University. Four- periods
   ar~e shown in as many acts. .The first represents- the years immediately
   after' -the Civil War when the University was -but- aý small struggling

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