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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 5 (March 1922)

Campus notes,   pp. 170-[174]

Page 170

        J70              THE ,fISC#NTSIN ALU~MNI MA6~AZINE
                                  CAMPUVS NOT[ES
         siCh~anges In the 6aleiklar are being con-  :Faculty inem u'hers
do, not fAyor: Wis-
         sideredeby a committee consisting of Pro- ctnsih's-following the
'lead. of Wharton
         fes'whrs C. 1im  Corphe cihaerman -Mtax Mason;  schodol of the U.
of Pennsylvania in abolish
         F. G. Hubbard G. Ca mSeby anGood-d J.t A. igin oxamingt ii     
         James. President Birge o  Dap ointed thidts tred  to Prepa re for
an ExarlinAtall
       Scommftittee at thefaculty 'Meeting of Feb 6  was the topWic taken
up for discussionhy
          M1.iria ze of,$100 ' lis offredn.through,  tut ro at the Yi. Cafey
                  :Marjorie t~~~~oesch,' '23         'hrec  Yoe  and Metalurg
depatme t, y a beforedh
        22h;ta WSigma Phi, 2jon;alisi$ sWros rityb for  exaW. inationso
        2the best, psychlogical autobiongraphy, of a ube,  ywomeyan iwh comiesst
 b  u olege, or-
        2; Wthoughtfu1welladm woated youigwonian  who sýekghJr'e.ieion,
snould bl e vo-
        Pyi~ranbcesý t~o rim,, - ioogist. and ~wnt            aii
1~i~f4 s~ eai P~e~
          SPersons W   noienter the contest conv6catiesn. ecently  He also-
        ecion way    itr M.  . ,R..A, 6an   the ibelga Dhalt a .wo Jan wshould
f ave a
        'S. H. A.,vocio-in w                       ordedf ateg alterct iiins
cet toe
          tonr     by- a. siorliy at-of, p.coGiia S
          R ipon, n Miwake   editoicMsuanl  Madison, Ws.hae -isourna o eb
        ,tes. n -ter Daily, -Cardial the - student  Thes ns pe   fonraium
d eisc   us e
             cantt recnann rdute ito einngs ata Jrw          ou aheti   r
           theU. S. adium orp.espefialyonth               f e of      wigga
it rep-7
        cshey game ondit    inthe- conduetion  resetoatives ro in A er ial
tojincthe yoluh
        t noona.1.fEura spe,                         infotei   f   entenatin
          ArofFrank Klirn      has been     a relatiosn preventing anothero
wr at d
        electedCpreseounty,    the wis.  Pheepied -  Y.M.G .A Pa. 29,nde
 uthe auspicens o
        -isitorical Libr~ary -grounds, 'at tlie'orner of  (Mrf. Ii~rbrecl
ýiniguig  ib1rlty th-1e
        'States'sand'  tkstreets onIJair 7 -'he    admiges or    a lub. -,
 u  reogntzmg,
        stone,    'resem e . a  Suman-form in- "the                coPnEtrol
        S hapj e, acc~ordinig 'to le~gend, was -onxce 'an  'sulted 'i the
followinig action by-the&,-
        Indian' chief, wh' ftr his life on earth, had  B~oard. The'ftegents'
have certai d' ipt~
        'bee turned "Into.-stonieby thie Great S~pirt~  andrxespfsbilitic-
-placed  'tei  hy
          'Thatth nw:Rgenijtsý to~be appointed- law.- Amn-hsahas1w
        at-the expiratio of the-terins f-two of the  .the ultimat c'trolc4.University,-buildings
        present incumbnhets- be'- representatives of .and -a .measureY of
responsibility for-the
        the farming and-labor groups -is urged by, -.speakers 'who-~ seak,
from  a University
        the Capital Times in an-editorial of Feb. 8.  platform. The Regentst
can not, eonsist-
        A Cardinal editorial on the following date  entl'~ with~their duty,
divest themselves of
        highly commends thie- stand of the TPimes.  this control -and their
          Prof. Homer, Carey, Wesi yan,- '15,~     Followin~   iesin~t4ercn
          2M ~ 16; B. L., Columbia, '21 wilt take- meetin ofte  ord-of'-Regents,
over- the.
        the place ofProf. -E. A. Gilinore during the  pro-visions -of the
Carnegie Foundation,. it -
            laters asece  s  ice- governoro  h  was voted that the. matt-er.
of providing a-
        Philippine Islands..                suitable arrangement for the
retiring allow-
          A five-dAy tour among' alumni centers in ance for the Business
Manager be-referred
        behalf of the Memorial Union drive, during  to the -executive' committee
aind the Presi--
        which time he launch~ed a State and Nation-  dent of the University.
--wide campaign, was made by Dean Good- --Students boarding, but not rooming,
        night, '05, the first part of February.  Chadbourrne and Barnard
Halls are perý-
--Pi Epsilon Delta, honor ary dramatics          mitted .to pay board in
quarte .rly installý-
        fraternity, announces .the election, of Bea-_ ments; two weeks' notice
must -be given in
        trice Humiston, '18;'1Helen Double, '23;- case of withdrawal. -
        .Miriamn Doan, .'22;, Olivia Fentress, '23; Prof. R.. S. McCaffery,
of-the Mining
        Marjorie BDoesch, '23;. Lawrence Norene, and Metallurgy department,
addressed the
        '22; William Purnell, '22; Wells Carberry,  Wis. section of the American
        '22; Reginald Garstand, '22; Henry Rubel,  Society, in the chemistry
building, Feb., 8
        '23; and William Tannewitz, '23.         on "Sulphur Elimination
in -Blast Fur-'
          A resolution, providing for a general  naces."
        election day for Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., and  Pi Sigma Delta a new
Jewish fraternity,
        S.- G. A., was adopted 'recently by Key-  has purchased and begun
alterations on the
        stoneý.                            -property at 127 W . Gilman
          Four Wisconsin institutions: Lawrence    Coach W. E. Meanwell,
'15, in the
        Ripon, Milwaukee Public Museum, and      Madison, Wis. State Journal
of Feb. 4 pro-
        the University, have placed on exhibition  tests against the gymnasium
being used for
        carnotite ore containing radium, the gift of  meetings that crowd
out athletic practice,
        the U. S. Radium Corp.              especially on the eve of a big
          The Girls' Hockey Club played its        Jane Addams, LL.D. '04,
made a plea
        first hockey game on the lower campus rink  to the youth of America
to join the youth
        at noon, Jan. 14.                   of Europe in fostering finer
          Prof. -Frank Kleinheinz has been re-   relations and preventing
another war, at the
        elected president of the Wis. Sheep Breed-  Y. M. C. A. Jan. 29,
under the auspices of
        ers' Ass'n.                         the Badger Club.
                        SEE 1917 SONG CONTEST, PAGES71166-167

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