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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 5 (March 1922)

Book notes,   p. 169

Page 169

  Leo KOHL represented colleges anid uni-
versities of Wisconsin. Minnesota, N. and S.
Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and'
Michigan' at a convention of all institutions
of higher- learning of the country at New,
York, Feb.. 1O-12.--Gordon' NELSON has
been'I appointed' by the chairman of 'the
Madison citizens' unemployment commit-
te~e, F.~ M. Wilcox, to make a survey of all
possibl I ources o~f' £ture work-, particular-
,'worth of these,'"vain
memorials?." _Hie urge
organization for -their
struction of some of
  'public calamity."'
  1921 'Directory Sup
  Goessling, Wilbert'
  Hanley Rd.,, Univer
  Goff, Sidney Britto
Philip LA-FoLLETT-E, who -fi-nished his law'
' oui-e inFebhruary, is associated with the
- law firm of LaFollette and-Rogers, Madi-
son.-, A. -T. Rogers,' '95, 'and Philip' La
  Follette, '22, are the active members of the
  firm.-.Rffp . ;9MrL, Whoigraduated from
  the law couksýin -F'ebruary, i's executive
  clerk to Governor Blaine.
           'BOOK NOTES           -
    R Ural -Corznwnitj- Organization  (Uni-m
  versity' of Chicago Press. 4921; Baker- &
  Taylor- Co., N.- Y4;. Cambridge University
  R~ress,' London;' Maruzen-Ksihusbiki
  Kaisha, Tokyo,.Osaka; Kyoto, F'ukuoka,
  Sendai Japan; Mission Book Co., Shanghai,
  *   ab       g   u    y   '15, assistant
  professor of - sociology, Tulae- University,
  L-a., is "an attempt to arrive at the proper
  local iunit which lends itself-'-to compre-
  ken!sive~. community otganization." After
      giigrasons for a -rural policy- and elim-
  nvatIngglas unsfit units in them selves alone
-the trade area, the'-district school neighbor-
  hood,' the parish; -the township, etc., all of
  which 'help to give- expression to- rural life
  b ut no-one of which measures up ote
  nroner dearee of -coin-meteness, th'e aftthor
turnis his -attention t-o -the opportunity
afforde d for 'community development by
the consolidated- schoot- di'strict~ and finds
here: aý Unit universal-enough to be a
center 'foral- other organization plans.
   Amiong the several testimonials' cor-
 mending,-this volume by Dr: Hayes is one
 from Dr. E.. A. Ro~ss pyofessor of s~ilogy -
 at the- University-: "I haverelad mot, of' it
 and find it        n  Oetemy" compact and very
     iluiaing-  t-Ji, b~y all odds, the-best
 answer - have -met tocertain queries, that
 have ariseniainmy owniund. It is a book
 I -mvery -glad -ta have, and I hope sociol--
 ogists in'gneial will comie into conatact Oith
 it. it, i j    ust the Wise sound  pondered
 statement thatIwer need."
    The ~Wisconsin Archeologist (Vol.ý20, No.
 4, Wis. rcheoiogical Society, Milwaukee),
-entitl -ed "Fo6x' Lake,"-- touches upon 'the
tric         ackgrund ef that region, in-
troductory to the detailed account of its
  Indian, miounds..' C.C E. Brown, curator of
  the Wisconsin' State Hlistorical Museum,
  makes -a plea to-the community but few of
  whom 'have as yet awakened -to a realiza-
  tion of the scenic, educational, or fin~ancial
-LLIIJ.Ulp4-L. 1? IIVI,1A4.             -
Goodwin, Marion, B.A. Hartland.-
Gordon, Richard Jacob,,B.S. (Med. Sc.)
      Medcal4,,taent. 3513 -W.--Roosevelt,
Goss. Marian- Maxwell, BA. On com-
  mercial. Research Staff, Gurti§, Pub. -Co.,
  Philadelphia, Pa.
Gra ms,, Raym'ond Carl, B-,A.-     Asst.
  Highway economist,'Bur. of Pub. Roadsm,
  Washington, D.-. C.-   - t
'.Gre-gg, Scranton tHigh; B1.S. (C.E.)'I0sst.
   engr., Wis. Highvway.'Cai-i.,, Madison.
Grimst4-,rReuben- Charlesm B.S. (E.-E.)m
   Eng'r. Manic. Elec. Co., Stoughto , . -
Uruenheck, Gussie Ann, -B.A.' Philips-
   b-urg,- Mont..  --
Grucningen, Rebecca, Von,'B.A. Teach-
-'er.. 266 16th, Apt. 5, Milwaukee.
Gustin, Glen Hudson , B.S. (C.Ej- Civil
  -engr. 337 S. Broadway, Green -Bay.
             (To be.jcfntinued)
The University of Wiscmisin"
            So iSessio
SJune 26 to' August 4 (Law School
       June- 19 to, August 25)ý
 One- Fee, $22 for All Courses (Except
             Law- $39)
 Courses in all Colleges, leading to the
 the Bachelor's aiand. ligher. D~grees and
 prvdnopotnt for: pwo~feissiocal
 For: Uniiversity, College and- No rmal,
 School Instruc-tors, lih-SclwollTewai--
 era, Supervisors, Principals, Sujierin
 tenidents. -men and womnen inPro~fess-
 i~nal Life-. C olege Graduates and Un-
 dergraduates, High School Graduates.
 Special, work 'this year, for 'Grade
 School Teachers and Supervisors, and
 for Teachers of'- Commercial -Subje ct s.
     F~or furthier information address
           Madison.- Wis.
able ancient. Indian'
-s the need of some
protection; the. de-
these' he says -is? a
William,, B.A2.4. 6133
sity City, Mo_.:
n - S.
    -B., kivied. Sc.)

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