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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 5 (March 1922)

Class news,   pp. 160-169

Page 160

Comr's of
Sec'y-HOWARD MORRIS, Los Angeles, Cal.,
       Los Angeles Athletic Club.
RLWkU-U I'%JLU  XLV¶  VJ  L'q Jus
- Of course we are going to reune.
  Twenty years ago at our only re-
union, one-half the original -32 grad-
uates attended, with     their  other
"halves" and kiddies.
  Already one-half the number that
are still with us have accepted for our
45th. "Countem."
  But '77 was no 50-50 class. Let us
make it 100 per cent.
  Come on, you other boys and girls
and tell us you will be there, how many
you will bring, and what you want to
do while there.
  Those suggested    as members of
committee seem to have been struck
with sudden modesty, so let everyone
consider himself or herself a member
of the committee and do all he or she
can to help.
Sec'y-L. R. HEAD, Madison,
    416 Wisconsin Ave.
          * Reune in June!
Sec'y-O. D. BRANDENBURG, Madison
  R. B. ANDERSON, Madison, was the
recipient of the following telegram on Jan.
14: "At the banquet given this evening at
Hotel Brunswick   by  the Norewegian
colony of Boston in honor of Dr. and Mrs.
Gade it was unanimously decided that a
message be sent you expressing our deep
appreciation and thanks for all that you
have done to promote an interest in this
country for the Norwegian people, their
history, and their language. "-Expressing
his views on the Memorial Union building
0. D. BRANDENBURG, in the Madison State
Journal on Jan. 25, says: "In this edifice-
Chief Justice Robert G. Siebecker, '78, died Feb. 12. Obituary will appear
in Anril issue.
tile Wil
,State S

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