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Crawford, Robert S. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 23, Number 5 (March 1922)

[News and comment],   p. [145]

Page [145]

   "No great University is comipletely naticonal unless it dra-wsits
life blo~od from all parts of the Union an'd
         sends thiat-impulse springing back throuh~ thousand arteries to
-th~e remjotest states.'-
Voluime XXIII           - JMadisdn. Wis.,March, 1922           Number 5
'7-IJBOUT three quarters of a century ago, when Professor Sterling A~nd
_IpEi 1 a f     furn
           meigof the entire faculty and student lxidy of this University,
      none- of- them probably dreamed that in the lifetime .of aý
sintgle man
 about seven thousand students iouldb meting,here on the first Moda
 of ,ebhruary,, '1922. Indee-d, -when Bisihop-~alw delivered 1hi's 1coin--
 mencemient oration ]'ir 1859k he prbably had nothought that Inla 2 h
                -would take, -'art with graduates -of -sixty yearsr llri
 Our Birthday    presenting .-a.Iscreamingly funny, -farce at- a - birth-
                 day patty "of -th 2Universt for the amusement ,Of
 miore 'than three hundred graduates .convened- int~city, -of Chicago.
 Youth -anad Age asAlma Mater's -children,, -sangi her praise&durhigth~e
 -past, monthi in leading -alumni centers throughoiyt this Nation. :Former
 stuidents turned their though~ts and' attentibhns 'backl o- th-6 University,.
   -The ihstitutionisIi s     ywl b  Wt sfy opening its eyes to the facts
 that the description of a university as "~Mark Hopkins at o~ne end
o6f the-
 log and a studeifttat the other," while a-flne tribute to MarI(, is
about -as-
 faulty a statemenit as could be framed of the essential parts-,of -a nhi.ver:-'
-Sil, 9 that-the elements- of a university are, three in-n-umber, not tWQ,-and
that- a "prof", and a "stucte" do not make, a -university,
but that a, third
    fatiýa "gr'ad:7' is of. equal importance. A- university ~without
  ould be as poor a thing as a-priniciple wihu rga  raii ea with
  &it aecoinplishment. -The standing and rating of '.g aiv~e rity ae
  upon -the products of that-university, -of which by far-the 'M"is4inortait-
  are~the sort of graduates it sends into -the, world.-  -
  T        - +1 ,,s ~-F'-b  +~o  +1sIi,~ , si vna+;rmwi   r":oAn, +f
'IA  T  Aion*o
     of-h- imotac      ofobserving -Foutidation- Day prior to about, six
     -ago~, it, is surprisingly -gratifying to -find how increasingly popular~obse-v-
     anc4of the University's birthday has become.. Tha t7once a Výear
all former
     students turn- their thoughits -to Alma -Mater'is a fine idea pregnant
with -
     numerouns possibilities, not leas.t -of wlueh -is the opportunityv afforded
     Malier-for an audience with her own children' on- any major' sbect im-
     portant to'her -welfare or ,to, their welfare.
-'~~R R~ret -has been expressed by -many tatteInvriy sefh               ot
     paii,-t xnore attention to observance of this- date by providing appropriate
     exercisesfor the und~ergrad~uates ucbindi-ýidual nembes othfault
     ash&-~visited localL lubs as guests of honor on this Foundiation
-Day occa-7
         sioC~etun o-he University with renewed faith'in the lylyadhr
         of-ia' Mater's children. To fail to turn, the attention of student
stoý the
     idea)~of -the' fouunders -AoK-neglect to teach young men~ and wome-u
     thingýf- the -h istory.. of this -University", to overlook
the opportunity-i,6f
     bringiig to- the attention of undergraduates the accomplislhmentsof
     UniVe's-ity -through the achievements of- those trained -by -their.
     Mater ýwo'uld be a misfortune worse than- blindness, that--of."havin
- the
     p owerb'f sight and niot seeihg." During the, past 'six years the
     -held, one 'Foundation Day. convocation which of itself- was- so successf
     that- it is, difficult to understand why its reception did not establish
        peeen ', which should have by this time become an annultaii.
                               (Continued in April)

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