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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 4 (Jan. 1900)

On the hill,   pp. 165-171

Page 165

On the Hill.
inspection of the leading eastern
universities, was at the meeting of
the American Economic Association
at Ithaca, and was honored with the
presidency of that association, suc-
ceeding Prof. Arthur T. Hadley, now
president of Yale. Prof. Meyer and
Dr. Urdahl, who were also in attend-
ance, were made members of the
council of the association.  Prof.
Haskins attended the meeting of the
American Historical Association at
Boston. Mr. R. G. Thwaites, secre-
tary of the State Historical Society
and University lecturer in history,
was made chairman of the Historical
Manuscripts commission of the same
association. Prof. Hobbs read two
papers at New Haven before the
Geological Society of America, and
Dr. Miller presented a paper at the
same place, before the American
Anatomical Society.   Dean Birge
was made president of the Western
Naturalists' Society at Chicago, and
opened the discussion on the inves-
tigation of lake life. The Wisconsin
Academy of Sciences, Arts and Let-
ters, meeting in Madison, chose Prof.
Slichter presidentl and a number of
papers were read by members of the
University faculty. Prof. Slaughter
attended the meeting of the Ameri-
can Archaeological Society at New
Haven. President Adams gave an
important report on instruction in
the grades at the meeting of the
Wisconsin Teachers' Association in
Milwaukee. Professor Van Hise is
preparing a paper to be read before
the Institute of Mining Engineers in
Washington. Prof. Wood goes soon
to London to lecture before the So-
ciety of Arts. Trofessor Haskins
has leave of absen~ce for next semes-
ter to lecture at I- arvard during the
absence of Professors Taussig and
Emerton of that iZstitution.
  The attractive Christmas edition
of the Daily Card(inal, further men-
tion of which is m de in another col-
umn, contains a n umber of articles
relating to the progress of the Uni-
versity in various departments, as
well as much matter of special inter-
est to alumni.
  The senior civil and mechanical
engineering students took their an-
nual trip the week before Thanks-
giving, under the charge of Profes-
sors N. 0. Whitney and Storm Bull.
The trip extended as far east as
Pittsburg, and stops were made at
many points of interest to engineers.
  The committees for the annual
Junior Promenade have been ap-
pointed by the class president, as fol-
  Arrangement committee:,- Clar-
enceJ. White, chairman; Lyndon H.
Tracy, Allan S. Neilson, George T.
Bunker, James B. Nash.
  Reception comrmittee:- Sidney H.
Ball, chairman; Neely E. Pardee,
Harry A. Severson, William K. Don-
nell, Archy B. Caiter, John M. Bar-
  Floor committEe: -Clarence E.
Abbott, chairmani Paul F. Cham-
berlain, William P. Vroman, Robert
H." Downes, Roy C. Sanborn, Thomas
M. Priestley.
  Of all the mass meetings held this

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