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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 1, Number 3 (Dec. 1899)

Seymour, W. F.
Education in China,   pp. 105-107

Page 105

Education in China.
   Comparisons are said to be odious, and
 once more treading the paths of alma mater
 more gazing upon familiar scenes, it is but n
 thoughts to that old land across the sea whe:
 lot to spend nearly six busy years, and to co
 tion of the young men and women there witi
 United States. Here at Madison is our magn
 versity with its 2,000 students of both sexes
 a large corps of professors and instructors, th
 all the known languages of the world, anci(
 together with theoretical and applied science
 they may be properly fitted to fill positions
 sponsibility in all departments of life. Hun
 institutions are scattered all over our land,
 by tens of thousands of other young men an
 below these we have the high schools and ac
 large number of schools of a lower grade. I
 home of printing, and the first-nation to esta
 government examinations for official prefern
 In the first place, as to the girls and youi
 nation, there is no provision made for their
 true, there are a very few belonging to sor
 classes who learn to read, but their number is
 scarce worth mentioning. There are a few a
 various mission schools, and recently there hL
 among some of the native reformers to establ
 girls in Shanghai. These-last two classes of
 course belong to the old Chinese system at all
 The boys are taught first in the small pri
 which there are a large number, nearly every v
 plied with at least one or two. The school bu
a small one-story house, built in my section o
stone or brick and roofed with tile or thatch
of earth, the windows of wooden lattice wo
et with my feet
nd my eyes once
atural to turn my
*e it has been my
-npare the educa-
what it is in the
ificent State Uni-
pursuing, under
e study of nearly
.nt and moder'n,
of all kinds, that
of honor and re-
Ireds of similar
and are attended
I women. Then
ademies and the
3ut in China, the
├Żlish a system of
tent, all is differ-
ig women of the
astruction. It is
ae of the upper
so small as to be
.so taught in the
Ls been an effort
ish a school for
chools do not of
mary schools, of
illage.being sup-
ilding is usually
f the country of
* The floors are
rk covered with

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