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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 17, Number 10 (Aug. 1916)

Alumni news,   pp. [400]-409

Page [400]

              ALUMNI NEWS
Alumni please keep in touch with the IAGAZI-E.and with your Class Secretary!
  1897 To Dr. and Mrs. R. F. Hastreiter,
       a son, Rolland Louis, on June 5.
       Dr. Hastreiter, '9,7, is practicing
       medicine in Los Angeles with 'of-
       fices in the Brockman Building.
  1901 To Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Priestley,
       a daughter, Catharine Jane, on
       April 21. Mr. Priestley, '01, is
       practicing law at Mineral Point.
 1906 To Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Dock-
       stader of Elmira, N. Y., a daugh-
       ter, Betty Jane, on June 24. Mrs.
       ockstader was. Bessie Adams, '06.
 1906 To Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Youngblutt,
       a son, Sumner Paul, on June 18.
       Mr. Youngblutt is in the U. S.
       Reclamation  Service at Savage,
 1908 To Dr. ,and Mrs. W. G. Sexton, a
       daughter, Ellen Morgan, on June
       11. Dr. Sexton, '08, is practicing
       at Marshfield.
 1.909 To Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Hart-
 1911 ley  of Superior, a   son, John
      Robert, on June 1E. Mrs. Hartley
      was Marie -Damon, '11.
 1911 To Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Hartman
 1912 of Newton, Kans., a son, Ralph
      Franklin, on June 15. Mrs. Hart-
      man was Margaret J. Jackman,
 1911 To Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hubbard
 1912 of Riverdale, Md., a son, John
      Trowbridge,  on   February   15.
      Mrs. Hubbard   was   Isadore M.
      Trowbridge, '12. Mr. Hubbard is
      with the Bureau of Chemistry at
1912 Gertrude Hendricks, '16, to James
1916 Sherman, M. A. '12. Ph. D. '15,
      of the Pennsylvania State College.
      They will be married in August.
1914 Miss Helen Beharrell to Charles
      P. Wolf, '14. Mr. Wolf will teach
      in the normal school at La Crozse
      next year.
1914 Gertrude TM. Corbett, '15, of Mil-
1915 waukee to Stephen A. Park, M. A.
     '14 of Kansas City, Mo.
  1916 Miss Jane P. Irish of Oak Park,
       Ill. to Gustav de N. Wright, '16.
       Mr. Wvright is a member of the
       law firm of Michelson, Wright, and
       Bull of Madison.
  1899 Bessie G. Brand, '99, to William
       B. Cartwright at Madison on June
       29. They will intake their home at
       922 Lake Court, Madison.
 1901 Olga T. Nelson, '09 of Racine to
 1909 Joseph N. Berg, '01, of Madison
       at the Maywood Seminary- Chapel
       on June 30. They. will be at home
       after September 1 at 421 Wash-
       burn Place, Madison.
 1.9,10 Miss Lillian Clark Hughes to G.
       Archibald Russell, '10. They will
       make their home at Orlando, Fla.,
       where Mr. Russell is in the gov-
       ernment experiment station.
 1:911 Winifred G. Rettger, '15, to Har-
 1915 mon Lewis, '11.    They  are at
      home at Terre Haute, Ind:
 1912 Agnes   Raftery, '12, to  Robert
      Scott at Spokane, Wash. on June
      12. They will reside at Black
      Lake, Idaho.
 1912 Alice Dahl of Westby to Loren
      Battie of Wenatchee, Wash. on
      July 5.
 1913 Marjory Anna Davis, '14, to Johih
 1914 Kingsley Livingston, '13, at Madi-
      son on June 28. They will make
      their home in   New  York  City,
      where Mr. Livingston is with the
      American Telephone and Telegraph
1913 Miss Eva A. Lindbergh to George
      W. Christie, '13, at Minneapolis on
      June 14. They will be at home
      after August 1 at Long Prairie,
1913 Miss Loretta Lamb of Brooklyn,
      N. Y. to Albert W. Draves, '13,
      who graduated from West Poir.t
      in June.
1913 Miss Bessie M. Gratz to Van Lor-
     ens Bohnson, '13, at Madison on
     June 22. Mr. Bohnson is in the
     'T1eartment of chemistry of the

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