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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 17, Number 10 (Aug. 1916)

Meeting of conference committee,   p. [388]

Page [388]

          By JonN S. MAIN, '98
T    HE Glee Club Reunion, like all
  o Other events of Commencement
     'Week, has passed into oblivion.'
 Or, no, hardly that, for: it still lin-
 gers agreeably in the minds of a few
 of us. We can ýstill hear the dulcet.
 tenor of  Spencer  Beebe, singing
 "Massa's In The Cold Ground,"
 just as he sang it back in '92,-and
 those who heard it then know what
 that means. We can still hear the
 old time quartette in the act .of re-
 juvenating one of its early   tri-
 umphs, and we can feel the thrill
 of* joy with which the whole club
 threw out its chest and roared "On
 Wisconsin", "Old College Days",
 and "Uncle Sammy".
 Bredin was, as always, the life of
 the party. Without him  we would
 have been only a gang of modest
has-beens, with  rusty voices, but
with him, after an hour 's rehearsal,
we were all Amatos and Carusos,
singing in perfect unison and with
a vim that brought the echoes out
from their hiding place in old North
  Our open air concert was inter-
rupted   by   rain,  but,  nothing
daunted, we marched up on the stage
of Library Hall and completed our
program. Be it said to the credit of
our audience that most of them
stood loyally by -us and heard ýus
  One of the pleasant features was
the open air lunch furnished by the
Graduating Class on the lawn near
Ladies' Hall. There we were given
a table to ourselves and we had a
good time ripping off close harmony
or joining with the others in singing
Wisconsin songs.
  There were only twenty of us this
year, twenty out of over 200 to
draw  from. Next year the other
180 are going to be back.
T HE Conference Committee was
     called  together on   call of
     President Charles B. Rogers,
at Music Hall, on Monday, June 19.
The Committees on Reorganization,
Funds, Membership, and Athletics,
appointed by the Conference Com-
mittee in November last, reported to
the Committee. The reports are, in
substance, given in our June issue.
On motion the reports of the Com-
mittees on  Reorganization, Funds
and Membership were received and
approved. The report of the Com-
mittee on Athletics, Frank L. Gil-
bert, chairman, was received and
approved and the work of- the com-
mittee being completed, the commit-
tee was discharged. -
  The work of the Committee on Re-
organization has since been   com-
pleted by the adoption of the new
constitution at the Annual Business
Meeting. The new Alumni Council
now takes the place of the Confer-
ence Committee, and will undoubt-
edly continue the Funds and Mem-
bership Committees, which, in the
meantime are at work.

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