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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 9 (June 1913)

Castalia jubilee reunion, 1864-1914,   p. [471]

Page [471]

years ago the Cas-
n Literary Society was
ded at the University
Visconsin. Since that
Aithas grown every
in strength and influ-
           ence and counts a num-
ber of prominent women among its
alumnae. Castalia is now planning a
grand reunion to celebrate this fif-
tieth birthday, culminating in a Jubi-
lee Banquet on Monday, June 15,
1914, and wishes all alumnae and for-
mer members to be .present at this
time. It will be an opportunity to
renew the friendships and acquaint-
ances of college life, to see how the
society has grown, the work it is doing
and the place it holds in the Univer-
  The active members -of the society
are making an earnest effort to reach
all alumnae and former members, and
have them meet at the banquet. The
society hopes that everyone will spread
this announcement among alumnae
members. Suggestions also will be
more than welcomeed by the commit-
tee. There must have been many in-
spread the news, and all who possibly
can come and be with us June 15,
cidents in the lives of the alumnae
that happened during their college
careers which would be interesting to
those who are now in college and to
those who were in school afthetime of
occurrence. Please tell the active so-
ciety about them, that the reunion
may be made more attractive for all.
  1914 is the anniversary of the 60th
year of the university, and the classes
are planning their reunions with -that
in mind; 1914 particularly is making
many plans, and their celebration and
those of the other classes ending in 4
will be on during that week.
  Next year the present rather hazy
plans will be put into more definite
form, and-will be announced through
THE ALUmN MAoAzmNE. The- com-
mittee asks that all contributions of
money or ideas be sent to Dora Miller,
chairman Jubilee Reunion Committee,
at 434 Sterling Place, Madison, Wis.,
during the school year, or at 410 South
Madison Street, Stoughton, Wis., dur-
ina the summer months. Please all

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