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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 8 (May 1913)

Editorial,   p. [421]

Page [421]

E VERY member of the Alumni As-
,E   sociation, no matter how busy he
be, -should read the communication
from the Executive Committee of the
Association, reprinted elsewhere in
this issue. If loyalty to Alma Mater
means anything, certainly now is the
time to show it' by lending a hand in
spreading correct information   con-
cerning the University of Wisconsin.
And if our obligations as citizens of
this commonwealth are to be faith-
fully discharged, we cannot rest con-
tent with placing upon the Legislat-
ure the burden of deciding fairly and
justly how much money will be neces-
sary during the next biennium to ad-
minister the affairs of the state's
greatest public service corporation in
such a manner that all the citizens
may be properly served, but must as-
to appear- before committees of the
Legislature are such as to leave no
doubt of the sincerity and devotion:of
these men to the best interests of the
state and of their university. But :at
best they can acquaint only a small
fraction of the Legislature with the
scope, influence, and services of their
Alma Mater. Are'they not entitled to
the. cooperation of their fellow mem-
bers in the Association? And are not
our representatives in the Legislature
entitled to the cooperation of their
fellow  citizens in dealing with the
complex problem of university, man-
  As a loyal alumnus acquaint your-
self, if you have not already done so,
with the details of the university ap-
propriation bill. Satisfy yourself as
to the necessity of these appropria-
sist the members of that body by plaec-
ing at their disposal the special in-
formation which we possess as gradu-
ates of the institution, as men and
women intimately acquainted with its
  There, are perhaps few members in
the Association who realize what an
enormous amount of time and energy
the members of the Alumni Commit-
tee on Legislation have put into a
careful study of the various bills af-
fecting the university. The financial
sacrifices alone which they have made
tions with the aid of the information
that THm ALuMNI MAGAziNE has sup-'
plied to you. Then manifest your in-
terest by  seeing the legislators, in
perion if practicable; otherwise write
them and offer your services. This is
the best opportunity    that we, as
alumni, have yet had to render a tell-
ing service to the university; and it is
a splendid occasion to manifest our
devotion as citizens of this common-
wealth. Let us each put a shoulder
to the wheel!

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