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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 8 (May 1913)

Two Wisconsin professors honored,   pp. [411]-412

Page [411]

    chairman of the department of
German, was elected :president of the
Modern   Language   Association of
America, at the annual meeting of
that body in Baltimore, Md., Decem-
ber 26-28. The first number of the
current volume of the Publications of
this society has just appeared with
the announcement of this election
and also the, re-election of Karl
Young, associate professor of English,
as treasurer. Thus,. two of the high-
est offices of the association. are at
present held by members of the fac-
ulty of the University of Wisconsin,
a distinction of which the university
and its alumni may well be proud, for
this association is composed of the
leading educators of America in the
field of modern language., The Pub-
lications of this society are regarded
in this country and abroad as among
the leading scientific journals of to-
,rtnv Tho alaotian nf P.VrfpqAV TTnhl.
29, 1865. He was educated in the
Annen Real Gymnasium there and at
the University of Leipsig, where he
obtained his degree of Doctor of Phil-
osophy in 1888. The next year he
spent in Paris as a student.
  He came to America in 1889 and
accepted the position of adjunct pro-
fessor of Romance Languages at Van-
derbilt University in 1890. In 1892
he was appointed professor of Ger-
manic Languages in that institution,
a position which he held until 1900,
when he was appointed dean of the
Academic College. In 1901 he was
called to the University of Wisconsin
as head of the German Department,
the position which he still fills. <
  Professor H  lfeld was chairman of
the' Central Ivision of- the Modern
Language Aociationý for the year
1904. He is a member of the Goethe
Gesellschaft im, Weimar, the Deutsche
Shakespeare-Gesellsehaft, the Gesell-
.qhf. fir Th .9 ,trxypahif.h f thlr-
feld to the presidency of the associa-
tion is a great and well deserved
honor and is indicative of the posi-
tionr he holds, as an educator and
scholar, among his colleagues in this
  Alexander Rudolf Hohlfeld    was
born in Dresden, Germany, December
lin, the . Siichsischer Neuphilologen-
Verband, etc.
  He has published some sixty papers
and treatises on pedagogical and lit-
erary subjects, besides being editor-
in-chief of the Deutsches Liederbuch
fiir amerikanische Studenten.
                  JOHN L. KmND.
  At the last meeting of the American
Philosophical Association, held     in
New York City, Professor Evander
Bradley MeGilvary,- head of the De-
partment of Philosophy of the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin, was elected
president for 1913. This action of
the learned society gives peculiar
pleasure to those of us who look back
upon our contact with Professor Mc-
Gilvary, in and out of the class room,
as one of the real privileges of our
days at Madison. Not that we needed
this assurance to convince us of the
advantage we then enjoyed. The dig-
nity and charm of his personality, the

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