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Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 13, Number 3 (Dec. 1911)

Wisconsin spirit,   pp. [120]-121

Page [120]

Editdrial in the Minnesota Alumni Weekly, November 20, 1911
OR       twenty-two seasons with
       the exception of one season
 only, Minnesota and Wisconsin
 have met on the gridiron. With
 no other institution has Minnesota
 maintained such an unbroken rec-
 ord of friendly though intense
 rivalry. There have been things
 to arouse the spirit of antagonism,
 from time to time, and while we of
 Minnesota are inclined to place
 the burden of the blame upon Wis-
 consin, we must acknowledge that
 we have not always been above
 criticism. Nor should it be for-
 gotten by'those who are so loudly
demanding that we sever athletic
relations with Wisconsin and take
up with Michigan, that we have
had even more serious troubles
with Michigan, troubles so serious
that for years all athletic relations
were broken off.
   With a desire to see for himself
 iust what the student sentiment at
 Wisconsin really is, the editor of
 the  Weekly    went to Wisconsin
 so as to take in their mass meeting
 held the evening before the game.
 He attended that meeting, and
 witnessed one of the finest exhibi-
 tions of proper college spirit that
 it has been his good fortune to
 witness. The meeting was attend-
 ed by fully three thousand stu-
 dents and alumni, and while it
 was, of course, intensely partisan,
 it was sane and enthusiastic, not
 a false note was struck-not one
word was said that indicated any-
thing but the friendliest feeling
toward Minnesota as a worthy
  After attending that mass mtet-
ing, and later talking with numer-
ous alumni and students, the ed-
itor is satisfied that the protest of
Pickering, at the late hour, does
not indicate real Wisconsin sen-
timent as represented by Atudents
and alumni. It was one of those
unfortunate  circumstances  that
are exceedingly exasperating and
irritating, but which are adventi-
tious and not inherent in the spirit
which prevails at Wisconsin.
  Following the game, at eight
o'clock in the evening, a' largely
attended smoker of students and
alumni was held at the Gym-
nasium-the secretary of the Min-
nesota General Alumni Associabtion
was invited to attend and to speak.
The secretary talked for a few mo-
ments of athletic relations between
the two institutions and the in-
tense spirit of rivalry that'had al-
ways existed between the two and
expressed the hope that such re-
lations might continue in the years
to come. He expressed it as his
belief that such was the sober sen-
timent of the great body of Min-
nesota alumni.    This sentiment
was heartily cheered. The friend-
ly reception given the words of
the secretary was in no sense per-
sonal to him, but showed a gen-

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