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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

Bridgman, Louis W.
Wisconsin alumni in politics,   pp. [105]-111

Page [105]

week; and many students are
obliged to pay considerably more
than this. When dormitories are
built upon university grounds and
there is no necessity of paying in-
terest on the-investment, it should
be possible to give good accom-
modations to students at a less
figure than this.
   It is very important that the
 cost of education at the university
 be kept as low as possible in order
 that the young men and women of
 the state having intellectual en-
 dowment fitting them for college
 work should have the opportuni-
 ties of the institfition. The plan
 for dormitories was fully     ap-
 proved in the report of the board
 of visitors for 1909-10. For the
-purposes of commons and union
for the men and for dormitories
for men and women there should
be available not less than $200,-
000 a year for a period of years.
   A student infirmary is another
sions for adequate appropriations
at the coming session of the legis-
lature are even more imperative
than they were two, years ago.
  President Van Rise urged the
neces-ityof the -fO-llowing appro-
  First.--Increase of income. At
the last session of the legislature
it was proposed that the increased
cost of the university be met by
changing the two-sevenths of a
mill tax to three-eighths. It was
explained that this would increase
the tax of the university upon a
valuation of $5,000 by 44 cents.
This suggestion was not adopted
but an   increased  appropriation
for current expenses was made of
$100,000 a year for two years.
This appropriation therefore ex-
pires July 1, 1911. It is now pro-
posed that in, lieu of this appro-
priation and for the additional in-
creases considered that the two-
sevenths of a mill tax be changed
need. While the Madison General
Hospital admits some of the stu-
dents, its resources are inade-
quate to accommodate all. The cost
of an infirmary adequate -to meet
the needs of the students is esti-
mated at from $35,000 to $50,000.
  In summarizing the needs of the
university, President Van Hisp
showed that if his recommenda-
tions had been approved by the
last legislature, ,the university
would not now be so far behind in
its constructional work. Provi-
  .Second.-Increase in   building
and    permanent    improvement
fund. The permanent educational
improvement    appropriation   of
$200,000 per annum    which has
been made for seven years should
be extended to nine years, and it
should be enlarged to $300,000 per
annum. Of this $250,000 each
year should go to buildings and
$50,000 for books, apparatus, fur-
niture and equipment, the latter
in lieu of' the $50,000 appropria-
tion for these purposes which is
available for two years.
  Four years ago the legislature

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