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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 11, Number 3 (Dec. 1909)

Alumni news,   pp. [131]-140

Page [131]

           B    I...... R T H S-......... .. ....
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wray of
Chicago, a daughter, on October 2.
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fisher
of Springfield, Ore., a daughter, on No-
vember 2. Mr. Fisher is engaged in the
lumber and timber business.
  Born-To Dr. and Mrs. Willis W.
Waite of Syracuse, N. Y., a son, Willis
Willard, Jr., on October 11. Mrs. Waite
was Lillian Adella Cook, '03.
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. John H. Neef
of Minneapolis, Minn., a daughter, on
October 17. Mrs. Neef was Grace M.
Bradley, '03. Mr. Neef was graduated
in '04.
  Born-To Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Moseley
of Madison, a. son, on October 13. Mr.
Moseley graduated from the "hill" in
'00 and from the law school in '03. Mrs.
Moseley was Josephine WellS, '08.
      FAMHIon  , '90-COVENTY.
  David L. Fairchild and Blanche F.
Coventry of Duluth, Minn., were married
at Duluth on July 29.
        STEWART, '99-DixoN.
  Ralph W. Stewart and Lucile Dixon
were married at the bride's home, Los
Angeles, Cal., October 16. The honey-
moon was spent in a hunting and fishing
trip in Canada. At home after December
15 at 2280 West Twentieth street, Los
Angeles. Mr. Stewart is one of the
managing engineers of the Southern Paci-
  Adolph  F. Beerbaum    and  Isabelle
Whyte were married at Fond du Lac,
Wis., on September 9. At home at 283
Fourth street, Fond du Lae.
   WASHBURN, '00-GODSALL, ex- '02.
   Dr. Robert G. Washburn and Winifred
Godsall were married at the bride's home
in Oshkosh on September 15. Dr. Wash-
burn received his M. D. degree at Johns
Hopkins in '04, and is practicing in Mil-
waukee. He is associate in dermatology
in the Wisconsin College of Physicians
and Surgeons, and dermatologist on the
staff of the Milwaukee County hospital.
       REYNOLDS, '01--GRHAM.
  Edward J. Reynolds of Madison and
Elizabeth Graham of Whitewater were
married at the home of the bride's par-
ents, Chicago, on September 27. Mr.
Reynolds is a member of the law firm of
Bird, Harper & Reynolds.
        NELSON, '0l-MAHANY.
  JNeison it. IN eison o0 rJau uiaire was
married to Miss Jane E. Mahany on Oc-
tober 20, the Rev. A. B. Le Dunne offi-
ciating. The couple spent their honey-
moon in the West. At home after De-
cember 1 at 527 Broadway, Eau Claire,
        CLAWSON, '02-TrOEN.
  Harvey P. Clawson of New York and
Sara Thoen of Madison were married in
November. Mrs. Clawson once was a stu-
dent at the university. Mr. Clawson is
an expert mechanical engineer with the
Westinghouse, Church Kerr Co.
          Dopp, '02-Ross.
  Homer R. Dopp of Oconomowoc and
Gertrude Ross of Beloit were married at
Beloit on October 13. The bride is a
graduate of Beloit college.

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