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Brunkow, Sue; Higgins, Brian (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 82, No. 1 (October 1977)

Eierman, Dik
Be it resolved,   p. 2

Page 2

  It feels like only yesterday that I left my
summer job, and now here I am     In, the
middle of six week exams. I will cross this
small hurdle just in time for the next set' of
exams, closely followed by finals. Then,
after a short break, the circle will startall'
over again. It makes me wonder where the
time goes. What about the things I've been
planning to do "when I've got the time?"
I've been here two and one-half years now,
and I'm still planning to do them. .some-
time. But, if they're ever to happen, I'll have
to start now, and not wait "till I've got a
little more time."
From the Desk of the Editor
  If you're looking for a worthwhile way to
spend some of your valuable time, consider.
joining the staff of the Wisconsin Engineer.
We can offer you experience in communica-
tio~ns, business, sales, photography, and
;graphics, as weli;, 4 few craz ir ioments. We
always have a ned     for Writers,: .layout
people: Ph0t      h      adaveirtising saless-t
people, and AnlQine  ,,th a few good ideas.
We'rie alo' looking for someOne to start
training in 'Jauary to become our new
business manager. A  0knoledge f account-
ing would be helpful, but isn't a must. Our
office hours are 1-4 PM, Tuesday and
Thursday. If you would like to join, find out
more about us, or just make a few com-
ments, drop in at 276 Mechanical Engineer-
  It seems to be in vogue these days to
exhort engineers on to bigger and better
solutions to the seemingly unending crises in
the news. Solving a technological crisis
requires a  technical description  of the
problem as well as an understanding of the
principles applied in reaching the solution.
However, in out present time, technology
isn't rationally separable from a society, nor
are the problems partitioned as such. If a
difficulty is discussed in only a particular
light, the chances are slim the solution will
be all encompassing. So lets consider our
  Be It Resolved
  The United States is big and big business
is here to stay. This requires a specialization
on most peoples part, at least with regard to
a-decent job. Our specialization in engineer-
ing requires a knowledge of the technologi-
cal vocabulary and an understanding of the
attending assumptions and concepts. But, if
we expect to be represented in the major
decision-making process, we must be consist-
ent in presenting our beliefs and sharing our
technical knowledge at all levels of society.
  One of the challenges of serving in the
WSA is ensuring a well-rounded discussion of
the business at hand. Engineers can no
longer permit discussions with technological
impact to be made lacking our insights. To
accomplish this, engineers must become
aware of and involved in the day-to-day
affairs of the governing bodies. I encourage
all of you to consider a project of incomplete
representation. I then challenge you to seek
an alternative view and have it heard. Take
the Senate, for instance. .

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