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Ingeman, Mary (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 72, No. 1 (October 1967)


General Electric
engineers and scientists
are helping to satisfy the
needs of society...
like beautiful cities
A technical career at General Electric can put
you in the position to help beautify our cities.
Inquisitive minds in research and advance
development at G.E. are evolving many concepts
to give our cities a clean, all-electric look.
Design engineers are translating concepts into
components and systems, while manufacturing
engineers are developing the methods and machines
that bring designs into being as useful products.
Technical marketing specialists are working with
electric utilities and city planners to give
mushrooming urban landscapes like Phoenix,
Atlanta and Chicago, a bright, all-electric face.
Urban living has already begun to change as a
result of the contributions made by General
Electric engineers and scientists, contributions
like air and water purification systems, underground
power equipment to preserve nature's beauty,
all-electric heating facilities, rapid-transit
systems, and a hundred more.
You can help develop new products and concepts,
new facilities, processes, and manufacturing
systems, or new applications and markets in
your technical career with General Electric.
For more information write: D. E. Irwin,
Section 699-20, Schenectady, New York 12305.
GENERAL *                  ELECTRIC
         An Equal Opportunity Employer

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