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Schroeder, Ron (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 61, Number 6 (March 1957)


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How General Electric stacks up
on your job check list
* COMPANY REPUTATION-As an engineer, the names of
'I'lionias Ediison and Charles Steinmetz should be known to you.
These meli, a hlo so greativ influenced the industrial surge of our
couiitrv since the 19th century, are symbolic of General Elec-
tric's past anld present teclhnological leadership.
* SALARY-Genieral Electric's salary program is planned with
a lont,-rate view for your career; a well-eonsidered starting
salary an(l meriit increases based on your contributions. Through
regular couliseling by your supervisor you know just "how you
are p)rogress1iw,
onpailn 's lPerso oinel Registers, and individual appraisal of
your (ualilfi(ations aiia preferences, you are considered for all
siews or related 1obs anid proinotiols tihroughout the Company.
* TYPE OF JOB-Based on your personal preferences and
abilities, NLou Nvill Nvork in various marketing, manufacturing or
ellrilillg fields. Your technical or managerial experiences
May -be in any of nearly 100 product departments where you
conltribute to the enigineering, manufacturing or marketing of
some of the mr or-e than 200,000 G-E products.
1i'eIctric, a jpionmer in industrial training programs, hastens your
plrofessional deevelop)meint through classroom and on-the-job
assininetits as a part of' the Company's marketing, manufac-
turilng and enigineering j)Irograms. Specific position placement is
also available if your interests are already formulated.
* JOB LOCATION-There are opportunities for you as a G-E
ciigi 1 il 1i I i() c5ities ili 15 states, plus many foreign countries.
* ADVANCED STUDIES-General Electric offers to technical
graduates the Tuition Refund Program and Honors lPrograin
for Graduate Study wherein you may take graduate courses at
nearby universities. In addition, G.E. sponsors graduate-level
Company cour-ses wphere top professional men teach in their
respective fields.
* TRAINED COLLEAGUES-As a G-E engineer, you may be
working with outstanding men who are responsible for the
envisioning, production, and distribution of such new products
as man-made diamonds, high-speed rocket and jet engines, the
new heat pump, commercial atomic power reactors and elec-
tronic ovens.
* EMPLOYEE BENEFITS-General Electric's outstanding bene-
fit program for you and your family includes all the usual life,
accident and illness insurance and pension plans, plus a Savings
and Stock Bonus Plan and discounts on G-E home appliances.
* THE COMPANY'S FUTURE-General Electric's investment
in research can mean much to you. Forty-two major Company
laboratories, dedicated to invention and innovation, will play a
major role in doubling the Company's sales during the next
eight years. Only through research is a company assured of
future growth. For you, this growth at General Electric means
new and challenging technical and managerial positions.
General Electric Company, Section 959-3, Schenectady 5, N. Y.
Progress Is Our Most /mporant Producf
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