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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

Notes,   pp. 221-225

Page 221

                            Vo)t cs.                      221
                            NOT ES.
  Professor Jackson was recently called to Chicago to testify as
an electrical expert in a case involving infringement of patents.
  Professor F. E. Turneaure an(l Professor H. L. Russell are the
joint authors of a volume recently p)ublished hy Johnl M. Wiley
& Sons, entitled l'ublic Water Supplies.' It will he widely used
as a text hook. The book contains about seven hundred pages.
  The College of Engineering has had a very valuable course
of lectures this year, given b1 the various members of the engi-
neering faculty.
  A hvdlroorap)hic map) of Lake Afendota and the adjacent topog-
raphy has just heen published 1v the State Geological and Natural
History Survev. The work of survevin- gwas done mainly 1w the
junior and sophomore civil engineering students of the classes of
'97, '98. '() and 'oo, under the immediate charge of Professor L.
S. Smith.
  AMo(lern Frame Structures,'' written by Dean J. B). Johnson and
Professor F. E. Turneaure, is to he translated into Japanese.
  A- series of papers wy Dean J  ). Johnson on 'Sewage Disposal"
is heingh,- pubilished in the illioiicipali/v'.
  Professor C. 1. King, of the College of Engineering, has re-
turne(l from the East, where he has been for the purpose of in-
spectig the various schools of engineering. His investigations
have convinced him that W\isconsin stands in the front rank with
the hest engineering schools of the country. AVhen due consid-
eration is given the fact that some of the institutions with which
this comparison is made are old, estahlished schools of wide rep-
utation, which have turned out some of the best engineers, the
ilt(lgment of Professor King is an exceedingly complimentary
one to the WVisconsin University. The trip included visits to the
University of Pennsvlvania. Columbia College, Stevens Institute,
Brown University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology at
Boston, Worcester Polytechnic, and other schools.
  Professor J. B. Johnson spoke at the University of Michigan
banquet in Milwaukee, March ist.
      7 Wis. ENG.

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