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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

Zimmerman, O. B.
Some results of a test of heating and ventilating apparatus,   pp. 194-201

Page 194

The Wliscoisin Enginaeer.
                TILATING APPARATUS.*
                      0. B. ZIMMERMAN.
  The application of forced draft to aid in the heating and ven-
tilating of large public buildings, has come very recently into
general practice. In  applying  new  methods the maximum
efficiency results from a careful study of the theoretical and
practical conditions, and since tests of the kind herein described
are not as a rule, very completely carried out, on account of the
number of observers necessary for sufficient data, the results of
this test may, therefore, be of interest. They are however given
only in part, here.
  The test was made under regular service conditions, with the
regular employees in charge, in order to find defects and also
means of correcting them. Ninety-six observers were used
after having had special drill in their respective parts. These
observers aided in two runs, one on February 28, and one on
Mlarch i, i0oo, during the hours indicated in Plates i and 2.
All results were carefully recorded, in the most important data
by two independent observers, and in the less important by single
   In general we had these conditions: The heating by hot air
 of a bulildin-g containing approximately 8oo,ooo cubic feet
 the air being taken from out of doors, except at night, heated by
 steam coils in the central plant, and then distributed about the
 building by a plenum fan system. The temperature of the circu-
 lating air to each room, was under thermostat control. This
 circulating hot air system was supplemented by a direct system
 through radiators, in the more exposed portions of the basement,
 halls and third floor.
    The central heating plant contained the following: two 96 H. P.
 boilers each having a direct radiation capacity of 8ooo sq. ft.; one
 i5" x i2" low pressure engine; two I40" x 4'
steel plate
fans, belt-
 ed to the engine; tempering coils 3212 sq. ft., heating coils i2000
 sq. ft., overhead coils 400 sq. ft., radiators i5i0 sq. ft., or a total
    * The West Division High School of Milwaukee, Wis.

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