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Washburn, F. E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 5, No. 2 (May 1901)

Barr, John M.
Technical education in Europe,   pp. 145-150

Page 145

                  Technical Education in Europe.            145
  in the highest respect and esteem. They cheerfully consented
  to go to his house to hear his lectures on the more important
  subjects, rather than to have another give these at the college
  building. His work had been greatly lightened, however, part-
  ly by division among other members of the faculty of the college
  of engineering and partly by an additional assistant. It will
  be a difficult matter to fill his place in this college."
    Professor Storm Bull, who has known him for ten years, says:
    "He was the perfect type of a gentleman, always fair-minded
  and always saw things in the best light. He always respected
  the opinions of others and never claimed knowledge of anything
  in which he was not thoroughly prepared. Professor Whitney
  wvas very thorough in whatever he did. He expected to be back
  again at his University work but I noticed the last time I saw him
  that he was not as cheerful as usual. His loss will be most keenly
  felt by all of his co-workers in the University.
  Professor Jackson, who has been formerly located at Chicago,
  in speaking of Professor \Vhitney's work in Chicago, said:
  "He was universally liked by all who knew him and his
  Chicago friends always spoke of him in the highest terms of
  praise. Last year Professor Whitney was vice president of the
  Western Society of Engineers and wvas also a member of the
  finance committee of that organization during the past year. He
ranked very high in the engineering profession and especially
along all lines of railway engineering."
                JOHN I\I. BARR, '99 Pittsburg, Pa.
  It was only after considerable hesitation that the writer of this
paper entered upon a discussion of the subject. So many valu-
able articles have been written upon the general plan of tech-
nical education abroad, its scope and method, that there remains
little to be added along these lines. Moreover, an adequate study
of this subject would involve rather more than a year's stay

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