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Godfrey, Kneeland, Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 59, Number 4 (January 1955)


CHARLES SNYDER, R.P.I., (center) adjusting 5250 triple-unit d-c      Engineers
mill motor for use in a steel mill.                         CATHOLIC UNIV.,
make last-minute check on 1600-hp diesel-electric
                                                            switcher before
it is moved to test track.
Ik I ki-c s(1 CW N 11 g ) uI W i IC  I  t U e(l [l- e, I 11,11(1red(s of
   (ibts.  llrieer,.s (}s1wilist,. phllsicists alld other college
gral( I LII i(t I('  HII I Zi ahIead Ia-t, at (Gelneral cI (lti .
ali(i thlic\ al' i\ orklliiig o1[ Io'iii''lS \\itl tile issurlldi1(e that
III(, I r   cm   I II-  h g I   11)) I  IId I I ( lI i sI Llt it I M (eII1I
l  , la I  t  c
or \lil id o )Ifi)(il 11 III IN\\ ails i h  (collee m ian of to(:tlai -a
orlil limn lid S i N IN llihs ottii ahililt an(l interest. IThe
aridl! N  (;IlIlal I   Irit n  Iro(lnels anll(d the (diver-sit  of
the,( ( /)III ~tII in i)pra lii ills po\ri(le virtiilly utIlininited
il(s Iol id  i is o l iti  anli(I correspoii indig reN ards. I oth
i1iiateial lx aiiil iII tel llo (ii eolal satisfaetion to ) oung
111(.11  \\i li   (-Iil  a  (i -lK, rarn-er
Xr u\N  ihi(lll~(iilt- in] silieolles, ele(trollies, semi-con-
I it til iisii. al'l1ini powver, an(d others- spring-
iig lio ll (,r1i . I",  -l i aid elf ig lleerigw. a re creating
exciting new opportunities, and are giving college gradlu-
ates the chance of findfing satisfying, rewarding work.
Andl by placing primie irnportance on the developmenit of
taleit, and skill, dexvel(iped through C-E training pro-
granis and broadened( through rotatiolial job programis,
all(i hv providing illcelltives for (creative minds, General
Electric is lirrvig  ounig mC1ililto suc(cess ill an ill-
dustri- that is Ic votedl to serving all mnen througlI tile
cxer-increasing, and ever-vi(ldenim, uses for clectIricit)-
mians g~reatest setrvalit.
If you are interested in building a career with General Elec-
tric see your college placement director for the date of the
next visit of the General Electric representative on your cam-
pus. Meanwhile, for further information on opportunities with
General Electric write to College Editor, Dept. 2-123, Gen-
eral Electric Company, Schenectady 5, New York.
Test engineers E. K. VON FANGE, U. OF      Physicist ROGER DEWES, BROOKLYN
NEB., (left) and R. E. LOVE, U. OF TEXAS,  working with scintillation counter
in G.E.'s  checks connections on direct-current rectifier
work on stocker and stapler built by them for  Engineering Laboratory.  
              which charges7,500,000ovolt impulse genera.
homework project.                                                       
      tor in G.E.'s new High-voltage Laboratory.
                               GENERAL *                       ELECTRIC

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