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Godfrey, Kneeland, Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 59, Number 4 (January 1955)

Parkinson, Ronald
Scholarship opportunities,   p. 23

Page 23

Scholarship Opportunities
Nearly Four Dozen Scholarships Are Available to UW Engineering Students
                               by Ron Parkinson, Che'55
        $ $ $ NEED CASH $ $ $
   for Bills, Seasonal Expenses, Household Needs,
                or Other Purposes?
     Get up to $1000 on your signature only.
                Repay NEXT YEAR.
  How many times have you seen a similar article in
the ad section of your daily newspaper? Most of us
tend to regard these advertisements somewhat dubi-
ously since no mention is made of interest rates, and
we have a feeling that considerably more than our
signature is required as collateral. What, then, would
we think if we saw an advertisement of this type posted
on our Engineering bulletin boards?
         $ $ $ NEED CASH $ $ $
      for Books, Tuition, and Other Expenses?
   Get up to $800 on your scholastic ability and
               financial need only.
      Interest-required in Engineering subjects.
   Repay-by continued proficiency in Engineering.
   Perhaps many Engineers don't realize it, but on
nearly every bulletin board on our Engineering campus
there is an announcement, offering cash for Wisconsin
Engineering students on just those terms. Admittedly
              Name of Award
Louis Allis Company Engineering Scholarship.
American Smelting and Refining Company Scholarships'
American Society for Metals Scholarship .............
Bates and Rogers Foundation Scholarships..
Charles and Constance Bleyer Memorial Scholarships
Foundry Educational Foundation Scholarships .
General Electric Engineering Awards..
The Grainger Charitable Trust Engineering Scholar-
  ships    ..........................................
the announcement isn't written with a flair for sensa-
tionalism, but it's there. Look for it. It begins
                   available to
  This bulletin offers over forty-five scholarships in the
undergraduate field alone. These scholarships are of
an average value of $400 apiece and are available to
Sophomores through Seniors in every field of Engineer-
ing. Often the company donating the scholarship will
offer summer employment between the student's Junior
and Senior year, although a scholarship appointment
does not imply that an offer of employment will be
made by the company, nor that the student is obilgated
to accept such an employment offer, if made.
  All that is necessary to apply for a scholarship is to
obtain an application blank from any departmental
office, the Dean's office, or the Engineering Library;
fill it out, giving the personal data called for, and sub-
mit on a separate sheet of paper a statement clearly
explaining financial situation and the need for assist-
ance; and then file the blank in the required depart-
mental office before February 15, 1955.
  The following is a list of undergraduate scholarships
  Remember, application must be made before Feb-
ruary 15, 1955.
            Students Eligible
Students who will be senior Electrical Engineer's next
Students in Mining or Metallurgical Engineer who
will be juniors or seniors next fall.
Metallurgical Engineers who will be sophomore, junior
or senior next fall.
Civil Engineers who will be sophomore, junior or senior
next fall.
All Engineers.
Any student demonstrating interest in foundry work by
summer employment or courses in Metallurgical Engi-
Students who will be senior Engineers next fall.
High school seniors expecting to enroll in Electrical
Engineering.                   (Continued on page 42)

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