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Godfrey, Kneeland, Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 59, Number 4 (January 1955)

Nelson, Canden
New cars,   pp. 24-29

Page 24

   The finest of Chevrolet's "sport coupe" hardtop models is the
Bel Air. It features a special two tone paint styling. Chevro-
let's new V-8 has the shortest stroke (3.0") of any of the new V-8's,
and has a unique rocker arm design which eliminates the
rocker shafts. Chevy's six and V-8 models can be obtained with horsepower
ratings from 123 to 180.
                                   by Canden Nelson, me'55
  Now that most of the automobile manufacturers
have introduced their 1955 models, it is interesting to
review the features which have made the current
models thie most anxiously awaited in many years. It
is true that sales department publicity created much
of this "suspense", but the engineering developments
offered this year are every bit as numerous and ad-
vanced as claimed prior to the unveilings.
  Among the most publicized new features offered by
a number of manufacturers are:
  1. V-8 engines. Plymouth, Chevrolet, Pontiac, and
Packard have brand new V-8's, available for the first
time this year. On other makes, last year's engines
have been re-en gineered to give horsepower boosts of
as much as fifty horsepower.
  2. Body styling, inspired by the experimental cars
publicly displayed only several years ago. Wrap-
around windshields have all but swept the field and
hooded headlights, giving a rakish, longer look, are
c(Ilrlono .
  :3. Striking color schemes, both interior and exterior,
in such variety as to make the customers selection of
just one difficult. In the low priced field, for example,
Chevrolet offers 14 solid color options and 21 two-tone
color options, while Ford lists 13 single colors and 36
two-tones. This is quite a contrast to the days of the
Model T when the customer could choose any color he
wished, as long as it was black.
  4. Tubeless tires. First introduced in the low priced
field by Ford in 1954, tubeless tires are now standard
on all makes and may prove to be the most practical
of the many new features.
  The long list of optional equipment items generally
available throughout the industry has been extended
again this year with the addition of power-package"
engine modifications, duel exhaust systems, and unit,
under-hood mounted air conditioning systems. Suci
items as tinted safety glass, automatic transmissions,
power brakes, power steering, power seats, and power
windows afford the same luxuries in all price brackets.
  The number of model possibilities available from a
single manufacturer is in the tens of thousands, as a
little arithmetic will demonstrate. In the Ford line, for
example, there are:

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