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Godfrey, Kneeland, Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 59, Number 4 (January 1955)

Elton, Bob
W. S. P. E.,   pp. 30-37

Page 30

E s
        2318 Rowley Ave.
        Madison 5, Wisconsin
     E. C. WAGNER, Secretary
   JOHN R. FREDERICK, Chairman,
122 W. Washington Ave., Madison, Wis.
      J. K. PRINIM, Manitowoc
   R. J. MENDENHALL, Milwaukee
     J. H. KURANZ, Waukesha
  WM. ROSENKIRANZ, Chippewa Falls
    JESSE HOLDERBY, Rhinelander
    D. W. GRUNDITZ, La Crosse
       W.S.P.E. OFFICERS
   PIERCE G. ELLIS, Past President
   OWEN AYRES, 1st Vice President
ARTHUR G. BEHLING, 2nd Vice President
    ELDON C. WAGNER, Secretary
    W. S. COTTINGHAm, Treasurer
    JAMES BAMBERRY, Director
      RAY E. BEHRENS, Director
   Wmf. F. BAUMGARTNER, Director
     HERBEr r 0. LORD, Director
 As( a professional engineer, I dedicate
 my professional knowledge and skill to
 the advancement and betterment of
 human welfare.
             I PLEDGE
 To give the utmost of performance,
 to participate in none but honest enter-
 prise, to live and work according to the
 laws of and the highest standards
 of professional conduct. To place serv-
 ice before profit, the honor and standing
 of the profession before personal advan-
 tage, and the public welfare above all
other considerations. In humility and
with need for Divine Guidance, I make
this pledge.
Twelfth Annual Meeting
  What your professional engineer-
ing society is doing and should do
for you will be the theme of the
Twelfth Annual Meeting of the
Wisconsin Society of Professional
Engineers, to be held at the
Schroeder Hotel, Milwaukee, Wis-
consin, on Janury 27, 28 and 29.
  Discussion of this subject, which
will offer an opportunity to learn
just how effective our society is or
can be, will be handled on Satur-
day morning by a panel of profes-
sional engineers well qualified in
their respective fields. This panel
will consist of Kurt F. Wendt,
P. E. Dean of Engineering,
University of Wisconsin; John
Gammell, P.E., Director of Grad-
uate  Training, Allis-Chalmers
Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee,
Wisconsin; Henry J. Hunt, P.E.,
Vice-President, Mead & Hunt Inc.,
Madison, Wisconsin; William F.
Steuber, P.E., Assistant Engineer,
Wisconsin State Highway Commis-
sion, Madison, Wisconsin; Louis J.
Larson, P.E., Consulting Welding
Engineer, Allis-Chalmers Manu-
facturing Co., Milwaukee, Wiscon-
sin; Le Roy A. Griffith, P.E., Direc-
tor of Engineering, Transistor Divi-
sion, Minneapolis Honeywell Reg-
ulator Co., Minneapolis, Minne-
sota; and Edwin W. Seeger, P.E.,
Vice-President and Ass't. Secretary,
Cutler-Hammer, Inc., Milwaukee,
  Guest speakers at the luncheon
on Saturday will be Leo E. Brown
and Don Hyndman, Directors of
Public Relations of the American
Medical Association and American
Bar Association, respectively, who
will tell us of the importance of
their societies to their professions.
  Presiding at the Functional
Group Meetings on Friday morn-
ing will be Robert W. Smeaton,
P.E., Industrial Group, John Gain-
mell, P.E., Educational Group,
Herbert 0. Lord, P.E., Public Em-
ployment Group and Robert H.
Hopwood, P.E., Consulting Group.
  Other guest speakers will be
Dr. Fred A. Replogle, of Rohrer,
Hibler and Replogle, Chicago, Illi-
nois, at the Friday evening ban-
quet and Dr. Allen Abrams, Vice-
President, Marathon Corporation,
Rothschild, Wisconsin, at the Fri-
day luncheon.
  For the ladies, a style show will
be presented at a separate lunch-
eon on Friday and this will be fol-
lowed by a card party.
  Your Society can (o much for
you but Remember-it can be no
stronger than the support iyoil give
      Public Relations
Chapter Public Relations Activities
           of Interest
  Fox River Valley Chapter in an-
nouncing its November 4th meet-
ing, included in its pre-meeting
news release suggestions as to the
types of people who would be in-
terested in the scheduled talk, data
as to percent of engineers regis-
tered in its area and total member-
ship in WSPE, a statement that
WSPE is fostering a board pro-
gram of technical betterment and
an invitation to non-members to
attend their meetings. A list of cer-
tain  engineer-members of the
Chapter was also included.
  The post-meeting news release
included a reminder by the Chap-
ter President that examination for
registration of professional engi-
neers was scheduled for January
31-February 1, 1955, at Madison.
  All Chapters are no doubt secur-
ing worthwhile news. Copies of
such publicity will be welcome,
particularly as they may be of in-
terest to other Chapters.
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