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Binning, Jack (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 58, Number 1 (October 1953)

McCormick, Larry
McCormick's engine-ears,   pp. 48-57

Page 48

Entgine- Ears
          By Larry McCormick, met'55
  If you, kind sir, are looking for information about your
favorite campus charity, you have turned to the right page.
  This being the first issue of the year, and the article
which you are reading, the first of my series, there is
nothing of value herein. (The first paragraph was just
a come-on.) The individuals who could enlighten me on
the activities of the campus engine societies were nowhere
to be found. This penpusher was forced to dig up his
Fearless Fosdick badge and go out hunting stool-pigeons.
  These informers paid off with a little knowledge: The
boys in ASCE had an intellectual get-together in the
plush lounge of the Hydraulics Lab. This event took place
on the evening of Sept. 30, 1953. (I think it was 1953!)
"Informative" talks were given by the CE staff, followed
by a movie for those who could not understand the "In-
formative" talks. Tea was served and the meeting was
brought to a grand conclusion. Everyone jumped to their
feet and thundered out a chorus of "Mary had a 4%
  The first week of school saw a group of CE's standing
in front of the ME building, seriously contemplating a
group of holes. These holes were being hand excavated in
an effort to find a lost gas or water main. The CE's were
apparently thinking about what they could do if they
flunked out of school. Nice prospect, hmm!
  Jerry Bard whisperen to me the other day that AIChE
held their first "kickoff" meeting October 7. He also
hinted at the possibility that a few outstanding men may
be admitted to this select group if they have the price of a
membership in their acid-burned blue jeans. These are
the gentlemen who will govern the fate of AIChE: Ron
Hasse, president; Art Stroud, vice-president and treasurer;
Jerry Bard, secretary.
  "What about SAE?" . . . Quiet sir, I'll come to that in
a minute. "I wanna hear about SAE." . . . go 'way, ya both-
er me! "WHAT'S SAE DOING?" . . . Okay, okay. They
had a real shindig on September 29, in the Topflight
room at the Union. "Wha' hoppen?" Well, they had a
speaker (goes by the name of Mr. Jackson), who really
gave 'em the word on Indianapolis cars, their design, and
the way they're put together. It seems Mr. Jackson is a
sales engineer for the Perfect Circle piston ring people.
Mr. Jackson slipped the audience some colored slides and
a movie. He also told of his experience working on the
Maserati that Wilbur Shaw drove to victory in 1939 and
1940. Here are the new officers in the society: Paul Pad-
rutt, president; Candon Nelson, vice-president; John
Zahn, recording secretary; Bill Taylor, corresponding sec-
retary; and Chuck Gunderson, treasurer.
  There is a rumor that the resourceful pilot who camped
over the Penn State-Wisconsin game is a ChE. The writer
has been sneaking into games or trying since he was 5
years old. "It ain't like the old days."
  Clarence Reider, a Triangle man, sent down this adver-
  Triangle, a fraternity of architects and engineers, was
begun in 1907 to help men planning to enter the engi-
neering and architectoral fields to get a greater reward
from their years at school.
  Since its installation in 1913, the Wisconsin Chapter has
been trying to do just that. Along these lines numerous
extracurricular activities are included in this semester's
  On the athletic side we have volleyball, basketball,
bowling, and tennis teams ready for their contests in inter-
fraternity play. With regard to the social side of our
school life, we just had a successful party after the Penn
State game. Its theme was "Fashion Clash," and the first
prize was awarded to Dale Sievert and Howard Chagneau
for the craziest outfit. Then again, looking at the more
serious aspect of college life, the fraternity now has six
men on the staff of the Wisconsin Engineer, numerous
more in the engineering societies, and a man on the Air
Force Color Guard.
   "Oscar," the iron man, of Triangle, now has some com-
petition as the guardian of 438 N. Frances. Since he al-
lowed our treasured "Blarney Stone" to be stolen, we
thought a double guard would be in order. Toward this
end we acquired a three month old Cocker Spaniel puppy
named "Zip," which actually is quite a misnomer. We're
expecting great things from our mascot.

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