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Hacker, Robert W. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 53, Number 5 (February 1949)

Drops, I. R.
Static,   pp. 20-21

Page 20

by I.Rt.rops
   "Did you hear about John? He's cut his drinking by
50 ' ."
   "Yes I know. He doesn't take chasers any more."
                       * * *
   We heard this in thermo the other day; from an E. E.
   Four requirements of a good refrigerant are: low boil-
ing point, cheap, non-corrosive, and non-intoxicating.
                       *k * *
  "What are you knitting, a sweater?"
  "Yes, something to make my boyfriend happy."
  "Oh, for him?"
  "No, for me.'
  It takes you ten minutes per day to shave. You can
save 50 minutes per school week if you grow a beard.
That's enough time for a short lab report or a couple
problems in mechanics. You can save up your time for
a few weeks and take in a show (dutch of course).
                       *  *  l,
  "Guess I'll have another round," said the electron as
he left the transformer.
  Look out, when she starts stroking your hair, she's
probably after your scalp.
   "Bob is so frank. He always calls a spade a spade."
   "Well he didn't yesterday when he dropped one on his
                       * * *
  "What's the big hurry?"
  "I just bought a new physics book and I want to get to
class before they put out a new edition."
                       * * *
  When teaching a girl how to pucker for a kiss don't
have her say prunes or peaches but alfalfa.
                       *c * *
  It has been said that the meanest man in the world is
the warden who put a tack in the electric chair.
                       * * *
  "Daddy, why does that man have all that hair on his
  "He's in a contest, son."
  "What contest, Daddy?"
  "A beard growing contest for St Pat's day."
  "Who was St. Pat, Daddy?"
  "Why he was the first engineer, son, and every year
the engineers grow beards and have a dance in his honor."
  "Well, if they are engineers, Daddy, why don't they
wear caps like the choo-choo men do?"
  "Some of them do, son. Now shut up and drink your
  "Let's play pony express."
  "What's that? I never heard of it."
  "Oh, it's the same as postoffice only
                       j, ;   ,
  Then there is the co-ed that claims
is just a worn out wolf.
with more horsing
that a gentleman
  A little old lady from the country had registered at
the hotel and a bell boy was taking her to her room. "I
won't take this room," she said, "it's no bigger than a
closet, the floor is dirty and there isn't even a bed here."
"Get in, get in lady," retorted the bell hop, "this is the
                       k! 1-
  But then there was the girl who didn't get a fur coat
to keep her warm but to keep her quiet.
  Someone remarked the other day that a debutante is
just a young tomato with lots of lettuce.

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