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Janett, Leslie G. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 39, Number 2 (November, 1934)

A slice of "PI",   p. 34

Page 34

A        SLICE                  OF          cc PI')
                                    CALL B. 3.1416
               Engineers' Monickers a la Pi
 * While returning from a swim one DAY in the muddy
 WATTERS of the creek, a young CHRISTIAN sought a
 WINK of sleep at a nearby CHURCH. The PARSON
 who had no HART WENDT after the GOODMAN with
 a BROOME who HEADed for the WOOD, HEfTLEing
 DE ROSE BUSH which was near the PLACE, so he would
 not get RAPPed on the BEAN. He ran swiftly for
 many RODDs so the PARSON would not KETCHUM.
 He finally became MOOREd in the NEIGHBOURing
 MAERSCH. RATHER GRIEPed because he was in the
 BOGUE up to his ADAMS apple and far from HOLM,
 he asked the POWERS that be, to send a NOBEL MANN
 to his rescue or else he'd start KNAKEing his GLASS
 HEAD against a STONE. While he was watching a
 white BAIRD fly away from its RICE and BERRYs on
 the BEACH after being disturbed by a FOX who was
 chasing the big bad WOLFE, two GAY lovers came along
 from the EASTWOOD. He yelled at the boy as he was
 KISSINGER and again after he had KUESTER. The
 girl smiled and his yelling didn't seem to BERNER up at
 all. He offered them a FINN for a lift and a swig of
 LUECKER because he was getting COLE. When they just
 stood GAPEN at him he got in a SWETT and said
 "HOUGEN I get out, you SMART HEGGs?" Thinking
 that they had better not BURNHAM up any more, they
 said, "WILLOUGHBY here if we send a TRANE out
 from the BERG for you?"
 He finally GOETZ out after they had left and TOCK
 himself home to his PARROTT and family. The COOK,
 FULLER than usual, because she had been out on a
 BENDER with the BREWER let him in.
 * According to all reports, the civil engineers had quite a
 session up at Devil's Lake this summer. Baraboo is still in
 the process of recovering from the Saturday night invasions.
 The dinner table demonstrated that Darwin's principle of
 the survival of the fittest is still in force. Reach (the board-
 ing house kind) was also a great asset in eating. Tommy
 Gilbert grew homesick every week-end and left for Madison
 whenever possible. Trester and Donaldson missed the fire
 run on July fourth and thereby received a free bath in the
 warm waters of the lake. Fire Chief Halverson tried using
 his foot as a pile driver and as a result nearly amputated
 his index toe on a rock. The departure of Wessely served
 as an incentive to finish reports, causing Frank Matthias
 plenty of extra work. More later      .
                A Victory for Morpheus
* Two departments, who have boasted that a student never
slept while attending their classes received a severe series
of jolts recently. A man named Friday fell asleep Tuesday
in his Shop 1 class and Frosh Lewis Arnold took the nod
in Chemistry 2a lecture.
10 "Speed"
Devil's Lake
thus became
        High Humidity
Faulkes, while out on a nocturnal saunter at
last summer, forgot where the pier ended and
                      Nota Bene!!
* We are happy to announce that the Millar who was
recently in the midst of a football controversy, was not the
Dean Millar of our own engineering school.
              The New Science, Entrollopy
* Urschel, who has completed his plans for a steam ship
which will automatically pick up speed while traveling
toward the North Pole, is now working on a phase of
Steam Engineering called as he states it, Entrollopy.
* Vic Pape, civil, was seen entering Lohmaier's and Amber
Inn one evening a short time ago clad in a pair of fastidious
pajamas and a bath robe. He escorted a girl friend who
was attired in formal dress. "It was only a dare," says Vic.
                   What HO! Roman!
* Bob "Seneca" Haslanger, noted student of Greek and
Roman classics and also an engineer, gave an unillustrated
lecture in Ch E 115 recently on the meaning and value of
"M". According to him, the value of "M", instead of de-
preciating like Amalgamated Monkey Wrench stock, has
increased from a thousand to a MILLION. Whether this
was a gradual or sudden change, was not stated.
* Bill Gay, who has conquered most of natural laws of
physics and chemistry, met his Waterloo the other day in
the shape of the law of Gravity. Bill ascended a tree, for
some unknown reason, probably in search of nuts, and
failed to maintain equilibrium conditions. He found him-
self about a second later looking up at the place where he
just was. Bill will now stuff the ballot box for any state
candidate who advocates the repeal of the law of gravity.
                 Research Department
* Man, we find, contains fat enough for seven bars of
soap, sulphur enough to rid a dog of fleas, iron enough for
a medium-sized nail, magnesium enough for a dose of mag-
nesia, sugar enough to fill a shaker, lime enough to white-
wash a chicken coop, phosphorous enough to make 2,200
match tips, potassium enough to explode a toy cannon, and
the entire collection of ingredients can be purchased for the
sum of 98c.
The Wisconsin Engineer
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