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Matthias, F. T. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 33, Number V (February 1929)

Jordan, R. DeWitt
Cosmopolitan test,   p. 165

Page 165

                       Cosmopolitan Test
Seniors intending to seek employment with the various manufacturing companies
       will be interested in this representative account of the cosmopolitan
                character of the men they will meet on their first jobs
                                  By R. DEWITT JORDAN, e'27
                                  General Electric Company
P  ROBABLY     no other manufacturing company in the    foreign countries
have be
world can boast of so truly a cosmopolitan gathering     the "greater
campus."     F
of technical college graduates as the Test men of the     around the world
General Electric Company.                                 centers of the
  Every year, representatives from  the Industrial Service  in other parts
of Europe,
Department travel nearly thirty-five thousand miles, visit-  in that strenuously
ing more than seventy-five colleges and universities in each  The photograph
that ap
of the forty-eight states on a quest for student engineers.  states, all-schools,
  T .t qr r t-hre  huiinrerPl rnd
eighty student engineers from
one hundred and ten technical
schools were enrolled in the
Testing Department. In 1926
the number was slightly in ex-
cess of four hundred, and during
the coming year it is expected
that nearly three hundred and
fifty newcomers will be received.
This demand for technical grad-
uates is annually renewed, for
the student personnel is con-
stantly changing as its members
move forward into the engineer-
ing, manufacturing, or commer-
cial departments. Records on file
in the Industrial Service De-
partment of this company ac-
curately chronicle the march of
this student army from year to
year. A curve plotted to show
the number of men hired each
year would meander across the
tam  chain, rising and falling.   An All-states, All-schools, All-nations
Group of Test Men.
Following the entrance of this country into the World     service seven years,
War in 1917, such a curve would drop to an absolute       retired-not because
it I
minimum, and rising with the period of after-war pros-    to be replaced
with a la
perity, it would reach its highest peak in 1924 with an     Today turbines
are bi
influx of six hundred students.                           that of the 5000-kw.
  From  every state in the Union they come, and from      1928 does not excite
nearly every civilized country in the world. As many      turbine did in
1902 and
as one hundred and eighteen technical schools and eighteen  of this expanding
en represented at one time on
From far-off Australia, half-way
Schenectady, from the scholarly
and from the great universities
students come and are absorbed
life which is Test.
,pears on this page is of an "all-
is" group of Test men posed on
the forerunner of all large steam
turbines, a 5000-kw. turbine
built in 1902 for the Common-
wealth Edison Company.
  The historic old turbine which
serves so admirably for a back-
ground in this photograph ush-
ered in an era of larger and
more powerful machines nearly
twenty-six years ago. Early in
the year 1902, the largest steam
turbine in the world had a rat-
ing not in excess of 500 kw.
When before the end of 1902
the 5000-kw. turbine shown in
the photograph was built, a tre-
mendous step was taken, for the
rating of any previous machine
was not more than one-tenth
that of the new unit. It took
courage to design and build
such a machine, and it took
courage and daring of an equal
order to buy such a machine for
commercial purposes.
   This turbine was in customer-
at the end of that time it was
iad worn out, but because it was
Lrger and more efficient machine.
iilt with ratings up to 40 times
oneer. A 208,000-kw. turbine in
much comment as a 5000-kw.
no one knows the upper limits

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