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Andrew, Edwin L. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 19, No. 1 (October 1914)

Editorials,   pp. [35]-38

Page [35]

         Uhe Wiscousin Enoineer.
 HARRY HERSH, Managing Editor.
 Ei)WIN L. ANDREW, Editor-in-Chief.
 J. FLETC IIER HARPER, Ass't Managing Editor.
   The other positions on the staff will be filled after a series of
 tryouts which are open to ALI, engineering students. For further
 information see the bulletin board.
 J. G. W1RAY, '93, Chief Engineer Chicago Telephone Co., Chicago, Ill.
 A. C. Scott, '02 Consulting Engineer, Dallas, Texas.
 A. J. QuiGLEY, '03, Sales Engineer, Agutter-Griswold Co., Seattle, Wash.
 R. T. HEIRDFGEN, '06, Vice President Dominion Stamping Co., Detroit,
 FRANK E. FISHER, '06, Electrical Engineer, Diehl Mfg. Co., Elizabeth-
    port, N. J.
 R. H. 31èRD, '06, '09, Electrical Engineer, General Electric
    A, ass.
J. E. KAULFUSS, '08, Ass't Prof. of Civil Engineering, University of
    Maine, Orono, Maine.
M. D. COOl-ER, '08, Economic Engineer, National Lamp Works, General
    Electric Co., Cleveland, Ohio.
F. E. BATES, '09, '10, Civil Engineer, Missouri Pacific Ry., St. Louis, Mo.
F. C. RuHmorF, '12, Mechanical Engineer, The Bucyrus Co., So. Milwau-
    kee, Wis.
HAL.E H. HRUxNER, '09, Civil Engineer, Meriden Iron Co., Hibbing, Minn.
  This is the time of the year when editorial ink flows freely in
words cf welcome and advice prior to the full assupllption of tile
year's duties. Wherever the "old" student turns, he is
fronted with the admonition to profit by previous experience an(l
settle down to serious work at one     and in every p)ublieation
the "new" man is warned of the effieaey of the present
for pre-
venting the unwelcome "con" at mid-semester.
  To the engineer there is but one question to be asked. It is
the standard by which "'new'" men are first measured and
men continuously classified.  It is the spirit which characterizes

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