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Osterheld, C. M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 18, No. 2 (November 1913)


Startling Exclusive Improvements
Mark the 1914 Harley-Davidson
r-, -_ C4        £ . q      -      -    -     - - - _
otep starter -6elective      Two-Speed -     Double Brake Control -
Double Control of Free Wheel-Folding Foot Boards-Ful-Flote-
ing Seat - Other Important Improvements -
                               Step Starter
    ThIs exclusive patented feature permits the starting of the machine
with both wheels on the ground and with the rider in the saddle. A down-
ward push on either pedal spins the engine sufficiently to start it.
                       Selective Type of Two-Speed
    The Harley-Davidson selective type of two-speed (another exclusive patented
is located inside the rear hub, thus avoiding dust, dirt or damage. Its speeds
are selective and
the rider can shift from low to high, or high to low, or to neutral, at any
time, whether the
machine is standing still or in motion.
                          Double Brake Control
    The new Harley-Davidson Band Brake (Patented) can be operated either
by a foot lever
or by back pedaling on either pedal.
                     Double Control of Free Wheel
    The Free Wheel Control, another exclusive patented feature, can be operated
either by a
foot lever on the left foot board or by a hand lever. The foot control is
an innovation per-
mitting a very rapid engaging or dis-engaging of the Free Wheel Control.
                          Folding Foot Boards
   All models are equipped with Folding Foot Boards in addition to the regular
                            Ful-Floteing Seat
   For the third successive year the Ful-Floteing Seat is standard. This
device floats the weight of the rider between two concealed springs, assimilating
jars and vibration due to rough roads.
   We will be glad to send you descriptive literature giving full details
of this and
many other improvements together with the name of our dealer on request.
HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTOR CO., 58 7 B St., Milwaukee, Wis.
                 Producers of High Grade Motorcycles for over 12 Years
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