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Furniss, Jon (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 101, Number 2 (February 1997)

Vail, Sara
The people behind expo 1997,   p. 3

Page 3

The People Behind
Expo 1997
This is an Expo year as a result
Chuck Hwang and Jonas Zahn are
practically living in that decrepit shack
on the corner of University and Breese,
huddled in their little office talking,
planning and fighting their way to-
ward complete organization. Chuck
and Jonas are the executive co-chairs
for Engineering Expo 1997 which
means that they have excessive claims
on their so-called "free-time." But be-
fore you hear all about Chuck and
Jonas, here's a review on what Expo
The definition found on their web
page (www.cae. is
the following:
"Expo is a biennial student organized
exhibition whose purpose is to ac-
quaint the public with recent techno-
logical advances developed in the
College of Engineering and through-
out industry."
The first Expo was organized as the
result of a riot in 1938 to focus the stu-
dents' energy. The riot was between
the engineering students and the law
students over the correct classification
of Saint Patrick. Each group believed
that Saint Patrick was a master of their
respective programs. It is unclear as
to whether or not this mystery has
been resolved, but Expo has continued
to thrive ever since. Expo 1995 boasted
international attendance of over sev-
enty industrial and student exhibits as
well as fourteen thousand additional
Jonas Zahn and Scott McKenzie take a break trom all the meetings ana
stress of EXPO to build with legos.
The large attention grabber for Expo
1997 will be the Robot Triathlon which
is scheduled to be held in the
Fieldhouse. There will also be indus-
trial exhibits, graduate and under-
graduate student exhibits, various stu-
dent organization exhibits and high
school, middle school and elementary
school involvement. The purpose of
this huge technology fair is to expose
as many people as possible to the
progress being made in industry due
to technological advancements. An-
other major goal is to spark or encour-
always thrilled to have more volun-
teers. To get involved just contact the
people who make this all happen.
Chuck Hwang is a native of Taiwan
who came to Madison at the age of
three. He spent most of his life in Min-
nesota and returned to Madison to at-
tend college where he is majoring in
Chemical Engineering. He can be
reached at his email adress which is, and
Jonas Zahn can be reached by email at Jonas is
from Juneau, a small town in Wiscon-
sin. His decision to attend college at
all was influenced when he attended
Expo 1993 as a senior in high school.
He is now here at Madison majoring
in Civil and Environmental Engineer-
ing. Jonas wants to pass the influence
Expo had on his life to other potential
college students.
continued on page 5
age the growth of an interest in engi-
neering as an exciting, ever-changing
and challenging field of study to even-
tually build a career in. If this is of in-
terest to you, and you would like to
play a part in this year's Expo they are
FEBRUARY  19973~                                                        
           ~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The first Expo was organized as the result of
a riot in 1938 to focus the students' energy

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