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Feldman, Jim / The buildings of the University of Wisconsin

Steenbock Library,   pp. 407-409

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The Steenbock Library was built in 1967 to house the libraries of the College of
Agriculture, as well as those of botany, zoology, biophysics and biochemistry. It
opened in January 1969. It is named for Harry Steenbock, renowned UW biochemist,
professor and discoverer of vitamin D.
he planning, and construction of the Steenbock Memorial Library is an inspiring example of
how well the University's building process can work. In short, the need was defined, a plan
created, funding obtained, and the building erected, in a remarkably short time, and free of the
delays, false starts and conflicts that typically marked similar projects of the time (e. g. Helen C.
White Hall and Union South).
The need for the agricultural library was formally stated in 1964. A draft (by M. L. Redfem) of
the need paper states that the old agricultural library (built in 1902) in Agriculture Hall had space for
177 readers and 80,000 books. 20,000 volumes were stored in the attic of the Stock Pavilion. It was
estimated that by.1985 there would be a need to house 300,000 volumes and accommodate 1500
readers, and a growth of staff from five to twenty. The estimated cost was $3 million. The project
appears on the 1965-67 building program. Building committee meetings began in July 1965. The
committee consisted of chairman G. W. Sledge, E. M. Pittenger, A. D. Hasler, R. H. Burris, Louis

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