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Wisconsin engineer


Peschel, Lisa, Editor
Wisconsin engineer
Volume 91, No. 4
Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin Engineering Journal Association, April 1987

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[Cover] Wisconsin engineer

Contents, p. 1

Editorial: truth from the venerated one, Hill, Jerry p. 2

Dean's corner: reflections on Expo '87, Bollinger, Dean John G. p. 3

Taking a tip from deep-sea divers: sewers pose unique decompression problems, Chen, Katherine T. pp. 4-5

Exclusive: TV Lenny tells all, Oghalai, John pp. 6-7

Behind the scenes at Expo: organization and the executive committee, Steinhoff, Pete pp. 8-9

The envelope please... expo winners announced, Schaefer, Eric E. pp. 10-11

Wiener works: the hot dog vender comes of age, Denissen, Nick p. 12

Graphics for the blind: helping the blind to see with their hands, Haznaw, Dave p. 13

A look at chromatography: from dead leaves to drug testing, Dicks, Jerry p. 14

Making a better chip: lithography promises to reduce chip size, Grgurich, Paula p. 15

Expo photo collage, pp. 16-17

Engineering briefs, Pintar, Steve pp. 18-19

The real way to find a job: no need to bust your brains out, Nyvall, Nathan p. 20

On the road to freedom: reflecting on an engineering major, Flader, Mike p. 21

Late night thoughts: studying electronics, Voss, Mark R. pp. 22-[23]

Just one more, Webster, Gary pp. 24 ff.


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