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The experimental college


Meiklejohn, Alexander
The experimental college
New York: Harper, 1932

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[Half Title] The experimental college, p. i

[Frontispiece] Alexander Meiklejohn, p. ii

The experimental college, pp. iii-iv

[Dedication], pp. v-vi

Contents, pp. vii-viii

Preface, Meiklejohn, Alexander pp. ix-xxii

I: the aim of the liberal college, pp. 1-2

Chapter one: intelligence and scholarship, pp. 3-19

Chapter two: the lower college, pp. 20-29

Chapter three: responsibility and books, pp. 30-36

II: the course of study, pp. 37-38

Chapter four: the preliminary hypothesis, pp. 39-44

Chapter five: understanding is integration, pp. 45-66

Chapter six: the Athens-America curriculum, pp. 67-88

Chapter seven: comments and counter proposals, pp. 89-116

III: the methods of teaching, pp. 117-118

Chapter eight: the individual student and his freedom, pp. 119-136

Chapter nine: the principle at work, pp. 137-151

Chapter ten: gains and losses, pp. 152-171

Chapter eleven: advisers and pupils, pp. 172-210

IV: the determining conditions, pp. 211-212

Chapter twelve: the health of the community, pp. 213-228

Chapter thirteen: the health of the individual student, pp. 229-242

V: a suggestion for the college of letters and science, pp. 243-244

Chapter fourteen: a possible organization of the lower college, pp. 245-268

VI: experimenting in a university, pp. 269-270

Chapter fifteen: cooperations, pp. 271-277

Chapter sixteen: interferences, pp. 278-294

Chapter seventeen: misunderstandings, pp. 295-310

VII: conclusions, pp. 311-312

Chapter eighteen: recommendations, pp. 313-320

VIII: postscript, pp. 321-322

Chapter nineteen: action by the advisers, pp. 323-326

Appendices, pp. 327-328

Appendix I, pp. 329-349

Appendix II, pp. 350-361

Appendix III, pp. 362-367

Appendix IV, pp. 368-393

Sophomore assignments, pp. 394-421 ff.

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