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Women emerge in the seventies


Swoboda, Marian J.; Roberts, Audrey J.
Women emerge in the seventies
(University women : a series of essays, Volume III)
Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin System, Office of Women, 1980
154 p. ; 23 cm.

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Part one: The politicization of women

Chapter 1: The women's movement and the university, Freeman, Bonnie Cook pp. 1-9 ff.

Chapter 2: History of the Association of Faculty Women at Madison: a participant's view, Bleier, Ruth pp. 11-22

Chapter 3: A history of the Wisconsin Coordinating Council of Women in Higher Education: the boundaries for university women are the boundaries of the state, Macaulay, Jacqueline pp. 23-34

Chapter 4: Committee on the status of women at Milwaukee, Crisler, Jane pp. 35-38

Chapter 5: Graduate women assess the campus: a case in point about sexism, Van Dyke, Jane pp. 39-49 ff.

Part two: The new concerns, pp. [51] ff.

Chapter 6: A women's studies plan for Wisconsin: a new approach to curriculum planning, Merritt, Karen pp. 53-58

Chapter 7: The women's studies program at Milwaukee, Skalitzky, Rachel I. pp. 59-62

Chapter 8: Sedition in a sexist society: the Platteville paradigm, Parsons, Barbara pp. 63-73 ff.

Chapter 9: Chair, chairman, chairperson, Sylvander, Carolyn pp. 75-79 ff.

Chapter 10: Women's athletics at Madison and Title IX, Saunders, Kit pp. 81-92

Chapter 11: Merging two careers and marriage, Krouse, Agate; Krouse, Harry pp. 93-95 ff.

Chapter 12: We have hired couples for years, Moore, Nancy Newell pp. 97-105 ff.

Chapter 13: The president's wife: a changing role--observations of a chancellor's wife, Guskin, Judith T. pp. 107-111 ff.

Chapter 14: Child care and the university, Kiefer, Irene pp. 113-119 ff.

Chapter 15: Continuing education: a personal view, Clarenbach, Kathryn F. pp. 121-129 ff.

Chapter 16: An E. B. Fred fellow, Hicklin, Fannie pp. 131-132

Chapter 17: Continuing education services in the UW system, Geisler, Peg pp. 133-139 ff.

Chapter 18: Meeting the needs of re-entering students: developing a course at Stevens Point, Stelmahoske, Isabelle pp. 141-147 ff.

Chapter 19: Two cases in point. A remarkable woman: Grace Pilgrim Bloom (1886-1978), Hinz, JoAnn pp. 149-150

From undergraduate to judge at sixty, Brown, Betty D. pp. 151-153

Contributors, pp. 154 ff.


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