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Barnhart Brothers & Spindler / Type faces, border designs, typecast ornaments, brass rule, superior specialties, machines and materials, cabinet equipment

Superior spacing material : Superior specialties for printers,   pp. 493-528

Page 522

y        w     er , or      ase.
SPECIFICATIONS: Height of Table at lowest point, 361/2 inches. Table
is 16x20 inches overall, and 12%x20 inches on left of saw blade. Speed of saw,
3500 revolutions per minute. Belt, one-ply endless leather, V/4 inches wide.
Finish, Battleship Gray, except guard which is Red. Net weight 172 pounds;
Domestic shipping weight 230 pounds; Export shipping weight 260 pounds.
EXTRA EQUIPMENT                                  Superior Sg
The Superior Auxiliary Saw takes the following extra      Superior Spr
equipment, all items of which are exactly the same as illus-  SuperiorToo
equipentSuperior Tri
trated and described for the Superior Point-System Saw:         Dish Al
Superior Angle Block for Beveling Platesfor use with Patent Bases.  Alundum Cr
Superior Extension Gauge for gauging up to 16oPicas (263 inches].  Hamme for
SuperiorGauge for Setting Trimmer Knives, 13-em Steel Block.  Saw File com
Superior Holder for Glass Shield and Light Fixture [must be  ScrewDriver
ordered in connection with either attachment named.)      Swage for Se
Superior Glass Shield complete with Adjustable Arm.          Oil Can with
Superior Light Fixture with Lamp Shade and Socket and Brass  Oil Stone wit
Any-Angle Arm.                                            Punch for Me
Superior Typehigh Gauge for testing height of cuts.          Undercutting
Superior Polishing Disc for Cleaning Space Bands and Rubbing    inches by
Burrfrom BrassRule, with 4 piecesspecial Polishing Cloth and  NOTE-Batte
2 pieces Emery Cloth cut round to be glued to disc.          Extender
Superior Auxiliary Saw
Blade Holder for sharpening Saw.
ular Mitering Attachment.
cial Face-Up Right and Left Mitering Attachment.
[ Board for mounting near Saw.
miner Knife Sharpening Attachment complete with
ndum Wheel and Head and Holder for Knife.
inding Wheel with Special Collar and Washer.
andle, Bristles 3 inches wide, for keeping table clean.
nounting Plates on Wooden Bases, etc.
plete with Handle.
for attaching SawBlade andTrimmerKnives to Head.
ting Saw Teeth.
Long Straight Spout.
h Coarse and Fine Surfaces for Grinding Saw Teeth.
unting Plates.
Gauge for Setting Height of Table-Brass Scale 6
sixteenths, 36 picas by half ems.
r, Adjustable Tool Grinding Rest, Chip Box, Table
and OficutHolder cannot be used on Auxiliary Saw.
Saw Blades and Heads, and all Extra Equipment, Attachments and Supplies are illustrated and described on preceding pages.
[  522    ]
A new model, embodying all of the more essential features of a sawing and trimming machine in
a simplified design, planned to sell at a most attractive price. It uses the same saw blades and trim-
mer knives as the Superior Point-System Saw; the gauges and work holder are the same; the saw
spindle rotates in ball bearings, which is the same superior type of bearing as used in the larger
machine, the motor and motor base are identical with the equipment used for the Superior Point-
System Saw, and the Auxiliary Saw also has the same important advantage of a large table, which
may be elevated for plain sawing and under cutting. On the Auxil-
iary Saw the table is level in normal or any elevated position.
An auxiliary to composing and casting machines in the small or
large plant. It saws and trims-at one operation-slugs, rules and
borders to smooth, point-system exactness.
An auxiliary to the platemaker in trimming and mortising cuts
to point-system dimensions.
An auxiliary to the de luxe model general utility Superior Point-
System Saw-or any other saw-trimmer of all-purpose
type-in plants requiring several machines. About 95
per cent of the use of a saw is in sawing and trimming
typeslugs and strip material, and trimming and mortis-
ing cuts. The Superior Auxiliary Saw does all such work as well
as the highest priced universal machine-and does it quicker,
better and with more of safety for the operator than many sold
at a much higher price.
Elevating Table-with the table horizontally level at any height.
Large 20-inch by 16-inch Table-12% inches to the left of the blade, which
balances full 24-inch strips.
Main Gauge-60 picas long, divided by 6 points-Point Auxiliary Gauge
affording any desired variation.
Work Holder that takes a sure grip on the work and holds fast.
Ball Bearings-easy running-only 1-horsepower motor to drive-mini-
mum power expense. Attaches to lamp socket-no wiring expense to install.
Convenient Push Button Start and Stop-Motor on adjustable belt tighten-
ing base-long belt for maximum power with minimum wear on bearings-
motor protected by steel hood.
Hollow Pedestal to catch the oficuts and sawdust-door in pedestal holds
waste until ready to remove, keeping floor clean.
With the Superior Auxiliary Saw the following items are included
as the regular equipment:
One Trimmer Head with 3 Knives, Plugs and Set Screws for Knives
and Screws for Saw Blade-One Standard Saw Blade-Red Guard for
Saw Blade-60-em Pica Main Gauge-Point Auxiliary Gauge-Work
Holder-Box Wrench for SpindleNut-Wrenchfor Hollow Set Screw
in Pulley-'-horsepowerMotor-Straight-Through DoublePolePush -
Button Switch and 10 feet of Cord with Swivel Plug-Steel Hood for
Motor-Endless Leather Belt-Adjustable Belt-Tightening Motor Base.
In ordering a machine, give full particulars of the lighting current.
State whether Direct or Alternating, and number of Volts. If alternating, state
number of C cles and  heth  1 2)  3 Ph

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