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American Type Founders Company / Specimen book and catalogue, 1923 : dedicated to the typographic art

Nelson, R.W.
Preface,   pp. 5-16

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1796                AMERICAN TYPE FOUNDERS COMPANY                     1923
In 1908 the American Type Founders Company founded its Typographic Library
and Museum for the higher education of the printers in the art of typography. This
collection, which has grown to be the most complete of its kind in existence, has
entirely justified the expectations of
the management. It has stimulated
the enthusiasms and aspirations of
many of those who, within the last
decade, have become leaders in the
typographic art. These men, with
their followers, have advanced the
average excellence of American
printing to a higher degree than has
elsewhere been attained, while the
number of those who are doing
work of the highest excellence is
V i-o 11   h j,,n I  I l   o, g , Lib-,  J , i, increasing  noticeably.
oftheAmerican 7pe Founders Company  This is a public library and mu-
seum established to perpetuate and honor the memory and achievements of all those
who in any period and in all countries have advanced the typographic arts. The library
occupies two rooms and contains more than twelve thousand volumes relating directly
or indirectly to printing and its allied arts. It is open to visitors during business hours.
The collections in the library include type specimen books and broadsides from
1486 to the present time, textbooks, pictures and portraits, medals and autograph
letters relating to printing and printers, ancient printing presses and appliances and
other antiquities. There are also collections of books on journalism, advertising and
relief engraving of all kinds, bookbinding, paper making, illuminated and other pre-
typographic books, and of masterpieces in early printed and modern books.
TheTypographic Libraryand Mu-
seum assumes the duty of collecting
and preserving the memorabilia of
printing and printers of all nations.
It aims to answer or afford means
of answering authoritatively all the
questions relating to printing and  i     j
its allied arts. Its ability to do this is                t.
the test of its comprehensiveness.
The co6peration is invited of all
who are interested in maintaining
and enhancing the prestige of the
art of printing, not only among the
Vieu looking East oj the Alain Hall of the Typographic Librar, au/
printers, but among their clients.       Auseum of the American Type Founders Company

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