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American Type Founders Company / Specimen book and catalogue, 1923 : dedicated to the typographic art

Nelson, R.W.
Preface,   pp. 5-16

Page 13

3              1796                  AMERICANTYPE FOUNDERS COMPANY                           1923
improving working conditions. In several instances production has been increased
while the rented space has been reduced. Savings in production costs vary with the
conditions encountered. These have been as high as thirty-five per cent (in instances
where the necessity for overtime has been overcome), and ordinarily range from fifteen
to twenty-five per cent.
Every achievement of the American Type Founders
Company has noticeably increased the prosperity of the
printers. To it belongs the credit of placing upon the
market those most popular and best of all stitching
machines, the Boston Wire Stitchers. The Company is
manufacturing and selling the KlymaxAutomatic Feeder
for Chandler & Price Presses, which does a wider range
of work than any other feeder applied to these presses,
ed           at a speed limited only by the action of the presses.
Incidentally, it has, from the beginning, fostered the
-           Chandler & Price Presses, selling more of them than all
It           other dealers combined. It is also the chiefdistributor of
s            the products oftheHamiltonManufacturing Company,            hj th iie Stithing achines, for
selling more of them than all other dealers combined. is excusve sales agent. It is the best seller.
t                                     EDUCATION DEPARTMENT
In 1915, the American Type Founders Company organized its Education Depart-
ment, the function of which is to co6perate with vocational schools throughout the
country, whether municipal or under the auspices of printers' associations, with a view
to increase the effectiveness of instruction in printing. The department also aids voca-
tional schools in securing efficient teachers.
These activities help the printers in two
ways: First,the proportion of printing class
students who adopt printing as their voca-
tion enter printing plants better equipped
for efficient service and for their own ad-
vancement; secondly, those students who
do not continue in printing will form a class
in the business world which will be in sym-
pathy with better printing and appreciative
of its value and effectiveness. The more the
activities of the Education Department are
The Klymax Autsomsastic Feeder, a apidied to all sizes ofChanodler  understood by printers, the more willing
f            & Price Gordon Presses. owned and manufactured by the American
Type Founders Company. Undoubtedly the best feeder.  they will be to co6perate in this good work.

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