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Inland Type Foundry / Specimen book and catalog: a price list of printer's supplies, type, rules and accessories of the very late designs which facilitate the economical production of superior printing: a notable improvement is the casting of all type on standard line & unit sets
(1907, c1906)

Specimen book and catalog,   pp. 3-240 PDF (60.7 MB)

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The Question of Quality  ... The keen competition which obtains in every branch
of the printing industry has produced the unfortunate result that the printer,
in purchasing material, too often looks only at the first cost when placing
his order. Unfortunate, because there is as great a difference in the various
qualities of type as in the various grades of paper, ink, or printing itself, and
low-priced type is always the dearest in the end. While in the last decade
great improvements have been made in the durability and accuracy of type,
many of the foundries limit their competition to price alone, the result being an
inferior article which is dear at any price. A few dollars saved by purchasing
type which is not of the very best often involves a loss of many hundred times
the amount. A large number of printers will testify that in accuracy, finish
and improved wearing qualities alone, our products so far surpass all others
as to justify a large increase in price, if we were disposed to make it. With the
single exception of point bodies, until the Inland Type Foundry entered the
field, little attention was given to the production of type which would economize
the time of the compositor and pressman.
Labor-Saving........... The introduction of our new system of Standard Line Unit
Set Type, with its many labor-saving features, is of vast importance to all
printers, because by its use they can do Superior work at a great saving of time and
labor, as well as saving a large amount of material, and consequently its first cost.
Type and Wages ... ._.....In all offices the amount invested in type is small when
compared with the yearly expenditure for wages in the composing-room. It
therefore follows that type which accomplishes the saving of, say, only 10 per
cent. in labor will cost the proprietor nothing, as it will pay for itself in a year,
and thereafter yield a large profit on the investment. The printers who have
adopted our system will testify that the saving in composition is large; in some
cases being fully 50 per cent. Not only is this true of the composing-roon,
but it also applies in no small degree to the press-room. Standard Line Unit
Set Type, being absolutely true and of uniform hight, requires much less
"patching up," and effects a consequent saving of much time in make-ready.
Point Bodies......... .Not a single objection can be urged against this system. Be-
ing cast on point bodies, our type will work to advantage with that of other foundries.
It is unnecessary for an office to be entirely equipped with our material to derive
benefit from Standard Line Type. However, the larger the amount of our type, the
greater the saving. We are convinced that every practical printer who once
gives it a trial will find that it will pay him to replace his old type with STAND-
ARD LINE, as the saving of labor in his composition alone, to say nothing of
the time gained in make-ready, will pay for it in a very short time.
STANDARD LINE.P..........erhaps the most important of our many improvements
is STANDARD LINE. All our faces on each body-Romans, Italics, Gothics,
Antiques, Gennani, Zerts, and all other job faces-line with one another at the
bottom. The following lines show a number of our 12-point faces:
Great improvement in Lining faces
This enables the compositor to give emphasis to a word by using some heavy
job face in the body of an article, as exemplified in this article, or as in the
following line, which shows a few words of our Gothic No. 1 and Old Style No. 9:
Perfect lining is secured by our system
With ordinary type the work would look like this:
Perfect lining     is secured by our system
Or it would be necessary to line the type by justifying with cardboard, consuming
a great amount of time, precluding the possibility of setting it solid, or producing
only an indifferent effect.
ST. Louis, Mo., U. S. A.

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