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American Type Founders Company / Desk book: specimens of type, borders & ornaments, brass rules & electrotypes: catalogue of printing machinery and materials, wood goods, etc.

[Specimens of type and price list],   pp. 14-536 PDF (112.9 MB)

Page 489

4A 4A 25a $8 00  4A 25a $6 15
nrton    electives
(arryin     ut   er   19ecular Instructions
5A 5A 30a $750  5A 30a $540
#/inted    Iate8 Of 4merica
J% e 9H     n roce    octrine will be Slrictly        Snforced
18 POINT                                  6A 6A 40a $6 75  6A 40a $5 25
r. &      rs.    ilim     rowning
Request Your      ompany    at Their    Pau ihter's l9eading
Jlanuarj 17th, 1897
12 POINT                                               10A 50a $4 35
Ll9Aat grand companionships await us as we turn from the
noises and turmoil Of life and sit down for an evening amongst our
books. Xings of thought of every age stand in serried ranks before
us waiting to do our bidding. Poets of the elder time, and of these
10 A 50 a $3 60  8 POINT
12A 60a $3 60
Reverie is the nurse o/ melancholy;
and it often takes the place of work in
what seems to be working hours, broods
over the work, unravels the thread of
thought, spreads a haje over the in-
ward vision, and loc8ens the grasp of
the apprehensive powcrs.    This, then,
as flower6 carry dewdrops trembling on
the edge of the petals, and ready to fall at
the first waft ofwind or brush of bird, so the
heart should carry its beaded words of
thanksgiving, and, at the first breath c/
heavenly flavor, let down the shower per-
fumed with the heart's gratitude. Lhen
the heart io thu6 in harmony with the will of

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