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American Type Founders Company / American specimen book of type styles : complete catalogue of printing machinery and printing supplies

Body type: Roman and oldstyle -- being a complete showing of beautiful and useful type faces,   pp. [unnumbered]-144

Page 43

Set in Cenury, Oldstyh and Century Oldstyle Italie
Bulfinch Hnrde,  Art-tile Tint Fnrmers
Pages 44 to 144 show specimens of a selection of the best
Modern and Oldstyle Body Types made by the American Type
Founders Company and Inland Type Foundry. This selection
covers every requirement of book, newspaper and general print-
ing offices. The specimens are shown in various ways for the
buyers' convenience.
First: Specimens by sizes in single lines of all series to
permit ready comparisons of width, color and design.
Second: Specimens by sizes in paragraphs of series to
permit of more critical comparison of mass or page effects.
Third: Specimens in large paragraphs arranged in
series, to facilitate ordering a suitable gradation of sizes after
the series has been selected.
Synopsis of Lining Modern Roman Body Type Faces . . ...... . 44,45
Synopsis of Lining Oldstyle Body Type Faces......... . 96, 97
Lining Modern Roman Body Type Faces, showing sizes . .  . 46-59
Lining Oldstyle Body Type Faces, shown by sizes in series  .  . 98-109
Lining Modern Body Type Faces................. . 60-95
Lining Oldstyle Body Type Faces, shown in series ......... . 110-143
Important Notice
To prevent confusion of identical numbers heretofore used by both this
and other type foundries to identify body type faces, the numbers 570 have
been added to the old numbers used by the Inland Type Foundry. Thus, for-
mer No. 10 of the Inland Type Foundry is now No. 580, and former No. 2 is
No. 572. The following is a list of changes in numbering body type faces
originated by the Inland Foundry.
Inland Oldstyle No. 9 now No. 579 Inland Roman No. 20 now No. 590
Inland Oldstyle No. 11 now No. 581 Inland Roman No. 26 now No. 596
Inland Oldstyle No. 13 now No. 583 Inland Roman No. 29 now No. 599
Inland Oldstyle No. 16 now No. 586
American Type Founders Co.

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