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American Type Founders Company / American specimen book of type styles : complete catalogue of printing machinery and printing supplies

[Images of the central plant of the American Type Founders Company and their selling houses],   pp. [viii]-xvi

Page xvi

Study This Book-It is a Gold Mine
for the Progressive Printer
T IS MOST PROFITABLE and important that a PRINTER
should acquire a thorough knowledge of Good Type Faces.IN
Such knowledge is gained only by a careful study of Good
Type Faces, and never before has there been such an oppor-
tunity for the effedive study of Good Type Faces as is afforded by
this book.
Study this Book page by page. It is not a mere price lit, but a
veritable Encyclopedia of Typographic Styles. Here are the Type
Faces which have entablished the typographic fashions, and also
beautiful examples of how these Type Faces can be used to please
the Printer's Customers. These examples are not shown in this
book to beautify it, but to demontrate to Printers that Extra
Profits may easily be obtained if the printing is done with Type
Faces of Extra Quality in their Designs, which impart Extra Quality
to the Printing.
Study this Book in the IntereAs of your own Customers.
After all is said and done, the Printer's work is judged chiefly
by the Type Faces used in it. A Good Type Face may make poor
paper and cheap inks passable, but the beg qualities of papers and
of inks are incapable of giving even a semblance of quality to
Printing executed with Type Faces of inferior design.
Show your cugomers these beautiful Examples of Printing with
Good Type Faces. These models will demonstrate to them the
superior business-attrading power of Printing done with Good
Type Faces, and persuade them to use More Printing and pay
Better Prices.
Study this Specimen Book of Type Styles with the sole objed
of making it Profitable to yourself.
American Type Founders Company
M  --'  -M
t Tz i

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