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Barnhart Brothers & Spindler / Pony specimen book and price list from Barnhart Bros. & Spindler, Incorporated: comprising a large variety of types, rules, borders, printing presses, paper and card cutters, bookbinding machinery, etc., together with valuable information to the craft
([1893] )

Of interest to the craft,   pp. 5-14

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purchaser's risk. We cannot hold ourselves responsible for any delay or
miscarriage, unless the fault is ours, but we will always aid the customer
to recover.
SMALL PACKAGES BY ExPRESs.-The express companies allow on small
prepaid packages a special rate. If the package weighs 15 ounces or less.
it may be sent for 15 cents; west of the Rocky Mountains the minimum
charge is 25 cents, if more than 15 ounces add one cent per ounce.
If Vou wish your package sent by express prepaid, remit the charges uith
the order.
GOODS BY MAIL.- If money is remitted for any article to be sent by mail,
a sufficient sum should be enclosed, in addition to the cost of article to
paypostage. Purchasers should remember that the post-office authorities
give no receipts for merchandise, consequently all shipments sent in this
Way are at purcheser's risk.
WHY SHIPMENTS ARE DELAYED.-Every order received by us is filled
without nwcemrV delay, but when a delay occurs there is a valid reason.
Many times the demand for type of certain styles is so large that we are
unable to keep It in stock. Sometimes orders call for goods of outside
manufacture, which we must order.
When an order calls for Wowl Type, a delay of six to ten days in its filling
is unavoidable, since these goods are seldom carried in stock evenby the
manufacturers. Sorts, in many cases are cast to order, and sometimes,
though rarely with us, are sufficient cause for delay in a shipment. Unless
we receive Instructions to the contrary, we usually hold an order until we
can till it complete. Ali shipmeats are made Just as promptlV as possible, and
no order is delayed without a reason.
MACHINE REPAIRS are not ordinarily carried in stock, but for standard
machinery we can usually procure them without much delay. If you want
repairs for a machine of old pattern, or one not in general use, it is always
best to send us the broken part with the order. In all cases give the size,
number and name of maker of press.
HOW TO ESTIMATE WEIGHT Ot MATTER-To ascertain the quantity of
plain type required for a newspaper or magazine, or any other work,
find the number of square Inches and divide the same by four; the quo-
tient will be the approximate weight of matter; but as it Is impossible to
set the cases entirely ceat, it is necessary to add 25 per cent to large
fonts and 33 per cent to small fonts, to allow for dead letter. The aver-
age weight of 12 inches of solid matter set in 13 ems pica measure is 6
pounds; if leaded it will weigh about 53 pounds. A single column of
six column folio, solid, will weigh 10% pounds, requiring about 13 pounds
of type, while the same length column leaded with six to pica leads will
contain but 7% pounds solid matter, requiring about 10 pounds to set the
same. The twelve square boxes directly in front of the compositor, con-
taining the letters a, c, d, I, m, etc., will hold about 2 potmds each. The
boxes half the size of the "a" will hold 15 ounces each, containing the
letters b, f, g, g, p, te. The ;mall square boxes contaihing the letters k,
j, q, etc., will hold r ounces each; the e box will hold 3 pounds, and the
cap case 5 ounces to each box.
PRE sENT TYPE STANDAR-By the present standard of the Interna-
tional Typographical Union, the basis of measurement is the lower case
alphabet from a to z inclusive, and the ems used are the same body as
the type measured: 4lo point, 18 ems to the alphabet; 5 point, 17; 5%
point, 16; 6 point, 15; 7 point, 14; 8 point, 14; 9 point, 13; 10 point, 13; 11
point, 13; 12 point, 13. The thirteen letters used most frequently, viz: a,
e, i, o, u, r, , t, c, d, h, m, n, are In all cases to fill one-half the space oc-
cupied by the entire twenty-six letters.
Old Type should be securely boxed and plainly directed to the foun-
der, and shipper's name placed on lower left hand comer of box. The
shipper should promptly notify the founder of shipment, and furnish net
weight of same. Old type, electrotypea and stereotypes should never be
mixed together, as a separate value attaches to each. Always ship as
"old metal", and thus save expensive freight charges.
Seven cents per pound is allowed for old type, four cents for electro-
types and stereotypes, and six cents for old brass, delivered at our foun-
dry, payable in new type at net prices.
TA E NOTI cE-ZinC Etching plates, or metal containing Zinc. will
not be received at any price.

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