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Barnhart Brothers & Spindler / Pony specimen book and price list from Barnhart Bros. & Spindler, Incorporated: comprising a large variety of types, rules, borders, printing presses, paper and card cutters, bookbinding machinery, etc., together with valuable information to the craft
([1893] )

Of interest to the craft,   pp. 5-14

Page 5

SUPERIOR COPPER-MIXED TYPE.                       5
CUrSTOMERS will, by observing the following rules when making up
orders for material, save themselves and us annoyance and delay.
CREDIT.-If you have had no previous dealings with us, supply us with
available references, and then allow us sufficient time to obtain from them
information as to your financial standing. If, being unknown to
us, you desire immediate shipment of goods, accompany your order
with a remittance covering same, or enough money to cover express
charges both ways, when we will send C. 0. D.
TERMs-Instead of asking our best terms on time, if you will Indicate
amount of cash you can pay down and the shortest time you can pay bal-
ance, our business and yours will be facilitated, and a conclusion arrived
at in much less time than if you write to learn the best we can do. We
are not supposed to know your circumstances or your resources.
BE ExPLIcIT.-In ordering goods explicitness is an essential. Order
every article by its name or number as given in the specimen book, and
we will have no difficulty in understanding just what you want. "Send
me one font 8 Point Gothic Cond. No. 5," is better than saying "Send
me a font of 8 Point Gothic shown on page 117 of your Pony Specimen."
In the first instance we know at a glance just what you want; in the last
we must refer to the catalogue before booking order. Above all things,
never mutilate. a specnim book, as it necessitates looking up and locating
every item. Refer to some previous invoice, and obtain your "cue" from
it. A specimen book is expensive, but a mutilated one Is practically
TAKE one line of your paper for each item ordered.
SoRTS.-In ordering sorts atvals enclose a metal cap H and lower case
m of the type you wish to match, and plainly state the amout of each
character wanted. Be sure and enclose sample before sealing envelope
containing order. Better put sample in a small envelope to insure safe
BODY TYPE is furnished only in fonts of 25 pounds or some multiple
thereof, and is never put up regularly in any other way; consequently it
will be useless to order a regular font weighing less than 25 pounds.
Sorts will, of course, be furnished in any quantity desired, at regular
font prices.
ITALIom-When ordering body type for newspaper or book work, be par-
ticular and state whether or not Hatic is wanted. Italic can be furnished
for all body faces in fonts of 5 or 10 pounds, or some multiple thereof,
but is never sent unlesa.speclally ordered.
SPACES AND QuADs-Job Fonts, with the exception of poster faces and
certain scripts, are put up w4thout quads and spaces, and if you want
them it will be necessary to so state in ordering.
OPENING LPOICs-Don't allow your purchases to lie around the office
a week or ten days before checking up your bill, and then claim short-
age. In Justice to the founder, goods should be checked when opened,
and if any omissions occur, prompt notice given.
PROOFS OF JOB FONTS--Always take a proof of each Job font before
laying, to satisfy yourself if any sort is missing, and also hold the proper
person responsible if letters are mixed in laying-& thing often done, for
which the innocent type founder is unjustly berated. In making claims
for shortages in such cases be sure to accompany your letter with the
proofs before mentioned. Body type being sold by weight in all cases, it
is not necessary to observe this precaution, as additional sorts will be
supplied at same rates as original font.
SHIPMENTs.-Where shipping instructions are omitted, we reserve the
right to exercise our own best judgement. Customers occasionally
order small articles, such as a single font sent by freight; such shipments
are likely to be lost in transit, and entail extraordinary expenses for
drayage charges, etc. When a shipment weighs less than 20 pounds, we
advise express shipment. After goods have been properly dispatched,
whether by mail, express or freight, the law holds that they are at the

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