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American Type Founders Company / American specimen book of type styles : complete catalogue of printing machinery and printing supplies

To the progressive printer,   pp. v-vii

Page vii

The American Type Founders Company originated the policy of de-
veloping its dominating type designs into extensive type families. The
printers were quick to appreciate the economy an( other great advantages
of purchasing related series as compared with the purchase of the same
Imumber of unrelated series. The related family series produce harmonious  :4
efhc ts and may always be successfilly used together in one composition.
The addition of another related family series to previous purchases of the
kin    same family strengthens,freshens, reinvigorates an( adds additional value
to the previous purchases. This Specimen Book contains a splendid colle-
tion of T pe Families and it is the policy of the American Type Founders
ni  nuiv to constantly add to the members of its many successful Type
A large proportion of the series shown in this Specimen Book are
displayed in colors, with suitable decorative effects. These compositions
are intelietI to be educationial, not only to printers but to their customers.
They are not pri n ted so inuch to please as to profit. The aim has been
to nake this Speuinmon Hook a gold mine for the printers, knowing that
their rosperity is the prime essential to the prosperity of the American
T   Fun nders Comtpaniy.
ThAI elI American Specimen Book of Type Styles is expected to be the  11
priliters' I'pograpli ic Guide Book, a source of profit aud inspiration, a
H chlief, aid toward af-hiev in, good reputation and success III businless.
The major part of the type sold hv the American Tpe Folunders
Coipany is iade iii the Central Plant, photographically illustrated on
page eight. This lunibIling is eutirely d(evoted to the manufacture of types
amid brass rules, for which purposes it Was arflyand specially designed.
Wile it is a fact that the Central Plant is the most extensive type
fonsulry ini existence, none other nearly approaching it in size, the Amler-
iWan Typ>e Founders Compan  i  s itlfless on this fact than on the
f'avt muore importat to its custome:rs, that in every detail, smlall and large,
the macli i nes, the tools. the gauges and the manufacturing processes are
perlected to a deiree unkiown in the typelini4ning art as recently as ten
cars ago. Types were never before ima Ie so a curately or of su ih good
qualIt as those now 1produced by the American Type Founlers Coinipany.
TIe staff and working force at the Central Plant do not deal  1victly
with the buyers, but with the various Branches of the Coipany doing
business in the various locations pictured on the lour pages in this section
of, the catalogue and with agents in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Central
and South America and otier coutries. In each of these Branch Houses
all the resources of the Aierican Tpe Founders Company are available.
1  o printer is at atn disadvantage oin account of location. At no
tiiei have printers been allorried sucli perfect facilities.
Thr  Point H3nh, r N- 44

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